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Australian Shepherd


  • Origin: United States
  • Alternate names: Aussie, Little Blue Dog
  • Size: Medium
  • Life Span: 12-15 years
  • Popularity: Ranked #17 in 2017
  • Availability in India: Moderate
  • Avg Puppy Price in India: ₹35,000 and above
  • Dog Breed Group: Herding Group
  • Guide Dog: Yes

Is Australian Shepherd Dog good for Indians?

The Australian Shepherd has a moderate availability in India, but it is gradually increasing because the demand for this breed is also growing at a steady rate. This dog is loaded with a lot of good qualities that a canine should have, Intelligence, Athleticism, Obedience, all these traits are the trademark of this breed. Hence, it is being admired by the Indian dog lovers just like the rest of the world. And, along with all those positive characteristics, its high tolerance to both hot and cold climatic condition makes it a fine choice for any potential dog owner residing in India. The only thing to consider is that this breed is not very well suited for apartment living and prefers open areas like big yards, farms et cetera as it was bred for herding purposes only. Hence, it is the responsibility of the owner of this breed to consistently fulfill its exercising needs so that these dogs can get the required movement and exertion and do not become frustrated and gloomy.

Australian Shepherd Official Breed Standards

The Australian Shepherds are medium-sized canines who are full of energy, speed, and stamina. They possess great working capabilities and are known to be exceptionally active and sprightly in nature. The official standards for the Australian Shepherds are given as follows:

  • Australian Shepherd dog Height and Weight

The mass and the stature of this breed are in decent proportion to each other. The average height of the Australian Shepherds is around 18-23 inches (at the shoulders) and their weight is somewhere between 18-29 kilograms. The Male Aussies are a little bigger in size than the female Aussies, but there is not a very considerable difference between the two.





25-29 kg

20-23 inch


18-25 kg

18-21 inch

  • Coat

The Australian Shepherds have a straight to slightly wavy double coat which is medium in length. Their coat makes them resistant to varying weather conditions and thus they can easily thrive in both high and low-temperature places. The hair is evenly spread all over the body but it is a lot smoother on the head, forelegs, and ears.

  • Body

They have a sturdy and athletic body with a slightly arched neck that is strong and moderately long. Their chest is deep but not broad and the ribs are long and well-sprung. The back region is straight, firm and leveled and the tail is finely feathered and is mostly docked or naturally bobbed. The forequarters and hindquarters are well-laid back, long and fairly muscular.

  • Head

They have an overall strong and clean-cut head. Their eyes are almond shaped and are neither protruding nor sunken. They are mostly in amber, blue, brown or any combination or variation of these colors. The Ears are leathery, medium in size and are triangular in shape.

  • Jaws

Their fine jaw region houses strong white teeth and their mouth either close in a scissors or a level bite, both are acceptable. The overall muzzle is well-made and it slightly tapers from base to nose.

Australian Shepherd Temperament

This breed is not meant for casual or inexperienced dog owners as it is highly energetic, active and lively in nature. These dogs don’t like to sit around idly for long periods of time, they require a high amount of exercise and activity on a regular basis. It not only keeps them fit but also makes them happy and contented. The Aussies are very affectionate and friendly in nature and they love their housemates with all their heart. They are kind and gentle with the people who are known to them, but they are a little reserved while meeting someone new. They were bred as herding and guard dog and hence, they possess excellent guarding and protective instincts. They also are highly intelligent and clever and can learn a lot of different things from their owners in a very little time. General character traits of the Australian Shepherds are listed below:

  • Active
  • Affectionate
  • Friendly
  • Protective
  • Loving
  • Good-natured
  • Intelligent

Australian Shepherd Dog Overview

The Australian Shepherds or as they are lovingly called Aussies are certainly a bundle of joy. They have a very cheerful and lively personality and are known to create a positive environment wherever they go.

Their name might suggest that they are from Australia, but this breed was originally developed in the United States. They were exclusively used for herding and guarding purposes and thus they mostly spent their time in an open field or on a ranch. Therefore, this breed still prefers an open area like a farm or a yard over an apartment style living and hence they are certainly not meant for people who have small places and no parks or gardens near their homes. These dogs need consistent and regular exercise to remain healthy both physically and mentally.

The Australian Shepherds are very positive towards training sessions and can a learn numerous tricks and skills. They are also awesome guide dogs and can excel in various different dog sports like agility, obedience, catchball et cetera.

Popular Australian Shepherd colors and types

The Australian Shepherds can be divided into different types on the basis of the various colors that their coat is found in. These colors are as follows:

  • Black
  • Blue Merle
  • Red Merle
  • Merle
  • Tan
  • Red
  • Black Tricolor

Australian Shepherd Dog Breed Characteristics



Sensitivity Level


Affection Level


Potential for mouthiness




Drooling Potential


Barking Tendencies


Energy Level


Friendly towards dogs


Health Issues


Friendly towards other animals




Child Friendly




Exercise Needs


Shedding Level


Grooming Needs


Social Needs


Good for novice owners


Stranger Friendly




Watchdog Ability


Tolerates Heat


Tolerates Cold


Australian Shepherd Maintenance and Care

  • Feeding

As these dogs like to spend a lot of their energy on physical tasks and activities, hence they need proper nutrition to reenergize their body and remain fit and fine. A high-quality dry food is considered a good option for the Australian Shepherds, but if it doesn’t suit their health or taste buds, then the meal should be changed and for that, the advice of skilled vet goes a long way.

  • Exercise

As stated earlier, these dogs need a high amount of exercise on a daily basis. They are at their happiest when they are taken to long walks and for running sessions in a park. They are also very fond of playing various games with their family members and loved ones. Regular exercise keeps these dogs contented and satisfied and the owners should not get lazy or negligent in regards to their exercise needs.

  • Training

It is highly recommended to start training these dogs from an early age. Their developing brain would smoothly grasp what is being taught to them and their high intelligence level would certainly help them to understand their owner’s instructions and commands more easily. They can be trained to learn a lot of different skills and hence these dogs are found in many services and jobs meant for the canines.

  • Grooming and Shedding

They have average grooming requirements and weekly brushing of their coat is enough to keep them tidy. They also only need baths and trimming of nails on an occasional basis. Coming to their shedding potential, then these dogs only shed seasonally and during that period, they should be brushed more often than usual.

  • Health Issues

This athletic breed generally remains quite healthy and fine throughout its lifetime, but it can get affected by some common health problems like:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Epilepsy
  • Cataracts
  • Ear Infections
  • Certain forms of Cancer
  • Visits to the Vet

The Australian Shepherds are not required to be taken to a vet’s clinic on a regular and frequent basis because of their general good health and fitness (if given proper care and attention).

Australian Shepherd Dog History and Background

The name of this breed is a source of confusion for most people as they assume that this breed originated in the land Down Under. But, in fact, these dogs were created in the U.S. and were exclusively used for herding livestock for farmers.

There are many speculations regarding the true ancestors of this breed, but many people believe that the Australian Shepherds came into existence because of the cross-breeding that was carried out between the Collies and several other shepherd type dogs.

The ancestors of this breed were taken to Australia by some of the Basque farmers and there they became very popular for herding sheep and thus were given the name the “Australian Shepherd”. They had great agility, stamina, and skills and were widely appreciated and adored by most people. And, after several years of existence, this breed was finally recognized by the AKC in the year 1993.