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Boston Terrier


  1. Are Boston Terriers hypoallergenic?

Answer: No! The Boston Terriers are not hypoallergenic canines. Although these pooches are known to shed their fur on an occasional basis only, they do produce somewhat decent amount of dander.

  1. Are Boston Terriers friendly with Kids?

Answer: Yes! The Boston Terriers are immensely friendly and sociable canines. These pooches are known to remain fairly warm and affectionate with small children and are happy to play loads of games with them as well. This is a wonderful breed for kids of all ages and is definitely highly suitable for them.

  1. Are Boston Terriers friendly with other dogs?

Answer: Most Boston Terriers are fairly friendly and kind to other canines. These pooches do require a little bit of training and early socialization so as to become a bit more sociable with new canines that they encounter, but once they have received proper guidance, then these pooches are known to mix really well with other dogs.

  1. Are Boston Terriers friendly with cats?

Answer: Yes! The Boston Terriers do get along just fine with most other household pets out there including cats. These canines are happy to be in the company of other animals and they also have no problem in sharing their things like toys and food with other animals such as cats. Hence, if someone is looking to raise a cat and a dog at the same time in their house, then a Boston Terrier should be a good choice for them.

  1. Do Boston Terriers make good guard Dogs?

Answer: No! The Boston Terriers are not known for their guarding capabilities, but they do make fairly decent watchdogs. These pooches will bark and alert their owners if they see something strange and thus it is known to efficiently look after its home. But as this canine does not have the necessary amount of aggressiveness and protective instincts, it cannot be considered a very good guard dog.

  1. Are Boston Terriers apartment friendly?

Answer: Yes! The Boston Terriers are amazing apartment dogs. These pooches are known to adjust really well to the apartment lifestyle and they remain highly relaxed, inactive and contented when they are inside their homes.

  1. How much do Boston Terriers shed?

Answer: The Boston Terriers are fairly minimal shedders. They only shed their fur occasionally and that too in a pretty limited manner. Those people who are looking to raise a low-shedding breed in their homes can certainly consider this awesome pooch from Boston.

  1. Are Boston Terriers good for first-time owners?

Answer: Yes! The Boston Terrier is a pretty manageable breed for the first-time owners. These canines have mediocre exercise requirements and they have fairly low grooming needs. They are quite easy to train for most people and they are extremely gregarious and affable in nature. And that’s why these pooches are considered to be wonderful option for first-time owners.

  1. Do Boston Terriers bark a lot?

Answer: No! The Boston Terriers are not excessive barkers. They only bark when they want their owner’s attention or when they are looking after their homes, but apart from this, these pooches don’t vocalize all that much.

  1. How much exercise does a Boston Terrier need daily?

Answer: The Boston Terriers only require a moderate amount of exercise on a daily basis so as to remain healthy and happy. They enjoy long slow-paced walks with their loved ones and they also like to play several light-hearted games with their friends and family members. A regular 30 minutes exercise session is probably more than enough for the Boston Terriers to keep them physically and mentally contented.

  1. Can Boston Terriers live alone for a long time in a day?

Answer: No Canine likes to stay all alone and away from their owners for a very long period of time, but still there are some breeds out there that do like to spend some time alone without the presence of anyone and the Boston Terriers are just like those breeds only. These pooches can be left all alone in the house for a few hours as they are most likely to just relax and rest in the beds. This is a good breed for busy people who can’t be with their pets all the time due to work or other reasons, but still, it is advised not to continuously leave these dogs all alone for extended periods of time as they might gradually become a bit sad, bored and frustrated.

  1. Are Boston Terriers easy to train?

Answer: Yes! The Boston Terriers are quite easy to train. These pooches remain highly responsive and alert during the training sessions and they are known to listen to their owner’s commands very keenly. These canines get very excited when they are learning new things from their owners/trainers and they are always looking to please their owners by learning the things which are taught to them fairly quickly. They follow all the commands and instructions given to them with all their heart and thus the whole training process becomes a lot easier and undemanding for their owners.

  1. What are Boston Terrier's grooming needs?

Answer: The Boston Terriers have low to subpar grooming requirements. Their coat is only needed to be brushed once every week so as to remove extra loose hair from their body. Their bathing needs are also quite low and monthly baths are more than enough for them to remain clean and fresh-looking. But their ears and eyes should be cleaned on a regular basis. Overly long nails can cause a lot of pain to a canine while walking or running, hence their nails should also be trimmed whenever it is needed.

  1. What is the Boston Terrier's tolerance to heat?

Answer: The Boston Terriers have a below average tolerance to heat. These pooches have a shorter snout and they are quite sensitive to high temperatures and excessive heat. They require a lot of protection and care from their owners especially during the summer months as they have a high chance of getting a heat stroke if they are kept too long under the direct heat of the sun.

  1. What is the Boston Terrier's tolerance to cold?

Answer: The Boston Terriers’ tolerance to cold is mediocre at best. They can thrive in moderately cold and chilly areas but if the temperature outside the house goes uncomfortably low, then these canines do need a lot of protection from their owners in the form of warmers, sweaters et cetera.

  1. Is Boston Terrier an intelligent dog breed?

Answer: Yes! The Boston Terriers are decently intelligent canines. They have great learning and thinking skills and their decision-making and problem-solving abilities are also quite adequate.

  1. Is Boston Terrier stranger friendly?

Answer: Yes! The Boston Terriers are highly warm and cordial with strangers. These pooches are happy to meet new people and like to get ample belly rubs from them. This is an immensely friendly and sociable breed and thus it can be a great pet for someone who wants to raise a fairly outgoing and unreserved canine.

  1. Do Boston Terriers drool a lot?

Answer: No! The Boston Terriers do not drool a lot. These canines can sometimes drool a fair amount after drinking their water or eating their meal, but apart from this, they don’t slobber all that much.

  1. Are Boston Terriers expensive and high maintenance dogs?

Answer: Yes! The Boston Terriers are fairly expensive canines but they do make up for that with their low maintenance needs. These pooches have fairly manageable exercise, feeding, and grooming requirements and they are not that hard to train as well. And because of this, the Boston Terrier is rightly considered to be a low-maintenance breed.

  1. Are Boston Terriers easily available in India?

Answer: The Boston Terriers have a moderate availability in India. They can be easily found in some of the bigger cities of this country like Mumbai, Delhi et cetera, but when it comes to their availability in most of the lesser-known parts of India, then it’s still fairly low.

  1. What is the avg price of a Boston Terrier puppy in India?

Answer: The average price of a Boston Terrier puppy in India is around ₹40,000 to ₹50,000. But there are a lot of factors that affect their price in the country and because of that, the cost of bringing a Boston Terrier puppy home can go fairly high.

  1. Do Boston Terriers like to swim?

Answer: Most Boston Terriers don’t like to swim in a pool or get themselves wet, but there are some Boston Terriers out there that do enjoy floating above the surface of water or playing various water-related games. Hence, if you have a Boston Terrier that is comfortable around water, then you should definitely take him for a swim (with all the safety measures) in a fairly shallow water body. But if your Boston Terrier is not so thrilled to get himself wet, then you should probably skip a visit to the beach or the pool.

  1. What Colors do Boston Terriers Come In?

Answer: The Boston Terriers usually come in the following colors that are mentioned below:

  • Black and White
  • Brindle and White
  • Seal and White
  • Black Brindle and White
  • Seal Brindle and White
  1. What is a Boston Terrier’s lifespan?

Answer: The Boston Terriers have a fairly decent lifespan of about 12-14 years. Some of them may even live longer than 14 years if they are consistently given proper care, nutrition, protection, and exercise.

  1. What are the most common health issues for the Boston Terriers?

Answer: Most common health problems found in the Boston Terriers are corneal ulcers, cataracts, patellar luxation, deafness, hemivertebrae, and brachycephalic syndrome.