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Here are some fun and fascinating facts about the Maltese canines that will surely surprise a lot of people!

General Facts about Maltese

  • Maltese canines probably come from Malta.

There are many theories about the place of origin of Maltese canines but the most prominent one states that they are from the island of Malta. Malta is situated near the southern coast of Italy and it definitely inspired the name of this breed.

  • This breed has been called by a lot of different names.

The Maltese canines have had several different nicknames since they came into this world. In the past, they were also known as Roman ladies' dogs, Melitaie dogs, Maltese terriers, comforter dogs and one of their most popular nicknames was the Maltese Lion Dogs.

Body Facts about Maltese

  • Officially, these canines can only be found in a White-colored coat.

The Maltese dogs are only available in a White color with some lemon or tan markings around their ears. And, many people believe that these dogs were specifically designed to only have a white-colored coat. Roman emperors wanted their pet canines to be white in color as this color was exceptionally sacred to them. Hence, these Maltese pooches were strategically bred so that they could only have a white coat.

  • Maltese is a hypoallergenic breed.

These tiny canines don’t shed their fur that often and because of that they are considered to be a pretty good option as a pet for those people who might be allergic to dog hair.

  • They have a color changing nose.

When Maltese canines are born, they usually have a black nose. But as they grow up, the color of their nose starts to fade away. And, this most probably happens because of the sun. Their nose can get sun bleached over the course of their existence.

Historical Facts about Maltese

  • Maltese canines are believed to have existed for close to 3000 years now.

One of the oldest canine breeds that are present today on this planet, the Maltese probably came into existence about 2800 years ago. They are believed to be the descendants of the same breeds of dog that were responsible for producing the Barbet, the Poodle, and the Portuguese Water Dog.

  • Maltese dogs have sat on the laps of several different Queens, over the years.

The Royal families of the olden times absolutely adored these cute little pooches. Several famous Queens of the past were smitten by the charm of these dogs and that is why they became one of the most favorite canines of the royalty. The list of royal ladies that adored these canines contains the name of the some of the most influential women of the past like Marie Antoinette (Queen of France), Queen Victoria (Queen of the United Kingdom), Queen Elizabeth (Queen of England), Josephine Bonaparte (the first Empress of the French), and Mary Queen of Scots.

  • Maltese canines were registered by the AKC soon after they first reached the United States of America.

The Maltese dogs reached the United States in the 1870s and they instantly became a hit among the masses because of their cute looks and adorable size. And, within a few years of arriving in the U.S.A, these canines were registered by the American Kennel Club as a distinct breed in 1888.

Temperamental Facts about Maltese

  • These canines are considered to be pretty awesome therapy dogs.

The main qualities that a canine should have to be a great therapy dog are gentleness, kindness, sweetness, tenderness, and an even temperament. And, the Maltese canines are filled to the brim with all these qualities and attributes and that’s why they make pretty wonderful therapy dogs. These sweet dogs know how to make someone happy and how to reduce their stress and tension.

  • Maltese canines are fairly decent watchdogs.

Although these pooches are very friendly with almost everybody, still they are known to be really good watchdogs. They can effectively alert their owners in case of an intruder by the means of barking.

Miscellaneous Facts about Maltese

  • Celebrities of today also fancy these adorable canines.

After winning the hearts of some very famous Queens of the past, the Maltese canines of today have now attracted various celebrities like Eva Longoria, Halle Berry, Kristine Stewart, Kim Kardashian et cetera with their immense charm.

  • Trouble - the millionaire Maltese.

In 2007, when a wealthy real estate developer named Leona Helmsley died, she left a whopping $12 million in her will to her beloved Maltese who she affectionately nicknamed “Trouble.”