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Can Dogs Eat Mangoes?

Can Dogs Eat Mangoes?

Who doesn’t like to have a bowl full of fresh juicy mangoes on a hot summer day? These succulent and tender stone fruits are enjoyed by all and are no doubt the national fruit of our country. This luscious fruit can provide various health benefits to the human beings like lower Cholesterol levels, clearer skin, improved eye health, better digestion and many more.

But have you ever wondered, what should you do when you are relishing a soft and sweet-tasting mango and the four-legged companion who is drooling beside you also wants to have a bite of this delectable fruit? Should you feed it to your dog? If yes, then how much? And, what will be the consequences of feeding mangoes to your dog? All these questions may cross many dog owner’s minds and we are here to answer them.

First of all, it is important to know what nutrients are inside a mango as everyone should have the knowledge of all the constituents of the things that they are about to feed their furry friend.

Nutritional Elements in a Mango







Dietary Fibers


Vitamin C


Vitamin A


Vitamin B6


Vitamin K


Magnesium, Potassium, Copper, Calcium, Iron


Now that we are aware of the nutritional components that are present inside a mango, the question that arises is that are these elements favorable or harmful for our dogs? So, let’s dive in into the various pros and cons of feeding a mango to your pooch.

Benefits of feeding Mangoes to your dogs

  1. Mangoes help in preventing and fighting against various dangerous diseases in dogs like degenerative myelopathy, Osteoarthritis et cetera.
  2. Feeding mangoes in small amounts to your dog can help in the prevention or at least treatment of Diabetes.
  3. Mangoes are known to provide a big boost to the immune systems of both humans and dogs.
  4. Dog’s eyesight becomes week as they grow old. Vitamin A is known to promote strong eyesight and Mangoes are filled with a decent amount of Vitamin A, therefore, feeding this tasty fruit in a limited fashion to your dog can be very helpful for its degrading eyesight.
  5. Like humans, dogs also suffer from constipation problems. And, mangoes are a very good option for anyone including our sweet canines, to get rid of this digestive issue.
  6. The natural sugar present inside a mango helps in increasing the energy levels of our dogs.
  7. Mangoes also help in improving the appetite of our dogs.
  8. They also prevent weakening of muscles, unexpected pains et cetera, especially in the older dogs.
  9. It promotes growth and development in young dogs.
  10. It also helps in maintaining the quality of the skin and coat of our canines.

Risks of feeding Mangoes to your dogs

  1. While the pulpy part of a mango is quite beneficial for a dog (if fed in limited amounts), the same cannot be said about the pits inside a mango. The seeds of mango contain high concentrations of cyanide and if it is given in large amounts to our dogs, then it can have various harmful effects on our pooch’s health.
  2. It is a well-known fact that excess of everything is bad, and the same is the case with mangoes. If unnecessary amounts of mango are being fed to a dog, then it can cause diarrhea or loose stool in it.
  3. Another reason that is in support of not to feed mango seeds to a dog is that if it gets stuck in a dog’s system then it can cause various health issues like excessive coughing, lethargy and also can cause unusual behavioral
  4. And, like the pits inside a mango, the outer skin also can be harmful to a dog as it is known to cause various allergic reactions in the canines.


As evident by a large number of pros of feeding mangoes to our dogs that these juicy fruits do provide various health benefits to our pups, but it is also important not to ignore the harmful effects regarding this delicious fruit. And as we saw, it is perfectly fine to feed mangoes to your dogs (in chunks, slices or mashed form) as long as it is being given to them on an occasional basis and in limited amounts. If ample amounts are fed to our sweet little pooches, then it can be dangerous for their overall health. Also, it is important to remove the seeds or pits from a mango as they provide no nutritional value and instead, are highly harmful to our closes companions.