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Can Dogs Eat Paneer (Cottage Cheese)?


Cottage Cheese or as it is commonly called, Paneer is a very common and popular ingredient of numerous Indian recipes. It’s been a part of the Indian Kitchens for a very long time and it is savored and enjoyed by a large number of people all around the world. It contains a whole lot of nutrients that are very good for its consumers. The table below depicts all the important nutritive components that are present in 100 grams of cottage cheese.

Nutritional Elements in Paneer (Cottage Cheese)













Vitamin A, B12


As we can see, Paneer is fairly rich in Proteins, Calcium, and Sodium which are quite useful for anyone who consumes this fresh cheese. But, the important thing to note here is that it has a very low fat concentration which is a requirement for most people in regards to their food as less fattening food would be good for their health and fitness.

So, it is clear that Paneer is quite beneficial for the human beings, but what about the sweet furry member of our family? Is cottage cheese good for the canines too or are there any risks associated with the feeding of Paneer to our dogs? Let’s find out.

Benefits of feeding Paneer (Cottage Cheese) to your dogs

  1. The high levels of protein present in the cottage cheese is good for a growing dog’s development and overall body.
  2. Paneer is a good source of calcium and we all know what calcium is capable of. It helps the canine’s bone structure to become sturdier and more durable.
  3. Cottage cheese is very good for the dogs who are suffering from stomach distress. It is recommended by most vets that feeding rice mixed with small amounts of paneer could help a sick canine in recovering from an upset stomach.
  4. It also helps in proper functioning of the kidneys and can be fed to the canines who are suffering from various kidney-related issues.
  5. It can also be fed to pregnant canines as it is filled with the richness of calcium, but it would be better to take the advice of a skilled veterinarian first.
  6. As Paneer contains very low amounts of fat, therefore it can be a decent option as a treat for a canine. It will be good for their overall health and the possibility of your dog becoming obese from treats will be very low.

Risks of feeding Paneer (Cottage Cheese) to your dogs

  1. First of all, it is very important to know whether your dog is lactose intolerant or not. If it's not, then feeding paneer to him/her is absolutely fine. But, if it is intolerant to lactose which is present in the dairy products then, feeding any amount of cottage cheese to it will not be a very good idea as it can be highly harmful to your dog’s health.
  2. Paneer also contains a large amount of sodium in it which can be dangerous for your dog as it is capable of causing high blood pressure and numerous cardiovascular diseases. Hence, it is advised not to feed cottage cheese in excessive amounts to your dog or the best way is to buy low sodium cottage cheese.
  3. It is also important to consult a vet before feeding the cottage cheese to a dog who is suffering from or in the past has suffered from any kind of chronic disease like Pancreatitis et cetera.


Cottage Cheese or Paneer can be a good treat option for the dogs as it contains nutrients like Calcium, Proteins et cetera which are highly useful for them and it is also quite low in fat. But, as seen, it should only be fed in limited amounts because of the high sodium levels present inside it. And, if the dog is lactose intolerant, then the paneer should be kept as far away from him/her as possible. The best possible scenario is to feed low sodium level cottage cheese to a dog who is not lactose intolerant, and that way the dog can receive various useful nutrients without the risks and dangers of being affected by any kind of health-related issue.