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Can Dogs Eat Potato?


It is quite natural to wonder, as a dog parent, what’s good for your little one and what’s bad for it? Many owners go for a commercially manufactured dog food when it comes to feeding their pups. But, there are some people who want to prepare their dog’s meal right at their home itself. People usually opt for meat and rice when it comes to a good and safe non-vegetarian meal for the canine, but they are not pretty sure what to feed their furry friends if they want their dog’s diet to be fully vegetarian. There are a lot of options, but with Potatoes being one of the most popular vegetables in the world, it is surely wondered by a lot of people whether to feed this very common vegetable to a canine or not? And the simple and short answer to this question is YES! You can certainly feed potatoes to a dog, but there are some things that you should be aware of before making this vegetable a regular part of your dog’s diet.

Nutritional Elements in a Potato









Dietary Fibers


Vitamin C


Vitamin B6






Magnesium, Copper, Calcium, Sodium, Phosphorus


As can be seen from the table above, Potatoes are rich in a lot of different nutrients that are beneficial for a canine but there are also some elements present inside this vegetable which are not so advantageous for a dog and, in fact, can be detrimental to its health in the long run. So, let’s see what the pros and cons of feeding a Spud to a canine are.

Benefits of feeding Potatoes to your dogs

  1. Potatoes contain a good amount of Vitamin B6 inside them which is highly useful for the formation of RBCs (Red Blood Cells) inside a canine’s body.
  2. Potatoes are rich in Potassium which is important for a lot of activities happening inside a canine. Potassium:
  • Strengthens a dog’s muscle development.
  • Keeps the function of blood vessels in order.
  • Helps in replacing the lost electrolytes.
  • Can also improve a canine’s heart health.
  1. The Vitamin C present inside the Potatoes helps in bolstering a canine’s immune system.
  2. There are a whole lot of other benefits that Potatoes have in store for a canine like:
  • Protection against various dangerous diseases like Cancer and Heart problems.
  • Regulation of the fluid balance in a canine’s body.
  • A helping hand in fighting against the effects of aging.
  • An aid for a dog’s digestive system.

Risks of feeding Potatoes to your dogs

  1. Potatoes contain a high amount of carbohydrates in them, hence, feeding them on a regular and frequent basis to a canine can lead to inflammation of its pancreas, commonly known as Pancreatitis. The canine can suffer from enormous pain and discomfort because of this dangerous disease. Therefore, it is advised not to go overboard while feeding potatoes to a dog.
  2. A large amount of potatoes, if fed consistently to a dog, can lead to canine diabetes.
  3. And apart from the high concentration of carbohydrates, potatoes are also quite high in calories, and if they are not fed to a canine in a controlled manner, then it can lead to unwanted weight gain and eventually will make the canine Obese. And, various researches have proved that Obesity is the top health problem among dogs. Hence, Potatoes should be fed in a limited fashion to a canine.
  4. Finally, it is important never to feed raw potatoes to a dog as they contain high levels of solanine which can be toxic for the canines. A Potato should always be fed to a doggie only after properly peeling the outer covering and then boiling or cooking it until it gets soft.


So, as I said earlier, it is perfectly alright to feed Potatoes to a dog, but they should not be a regular or consistent part of a canine’s diet. Feeding this vegetable in great quantities can lead to several harmful health conditions in a canine like Diabetes, Pancreatitis, Toxicity, Obesity and many more. But, given accordingly and in right proportions, the same Potato can be extremely favorable for a pooch. It would benefit a canine’s immune system, heart health, muscle development et cetera. So, the best possible advice that I can give to a dog parent would be to remember that moderation is very important in life, and it should always be taken seriously if you want a healthy and wholesome life for your sweet companion.