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Basic Puppy Essentials


If you are planning to bring home a new puppy or you have already gotten a furry little friend, then you might be wondering what to do next? Or what else should you get for your puppy? There are a lot of things that are highly important for a small growing pup and are considered to be "essentials" for it but there is also some other stuff that may not be that useful to a puppy but you are getting a bit confused about it. Therefore, to make your life a bit easier and to eliminate any doubt from your mind regarding the needs of your puppy, here is a list of all the essentials that are highly necessary for a young canine or a small puppy. 

  • Puppy Food

This is the most important and the most basic thing that a puppy needs for its growth and development. Puppies should not be given human food items and feeding them adult dog food is also not right as a puppy might not get all the essential nutrients from these kinds of feeding materials. These young pooches should be fed proper puppy food which contains all the important proteins, vitamins et cetera that are necessary for the development of these cute but fragile beings. Also remember, not all puppy foods are the same. There are different feeding materials for different puppies as some pups are immensely small in size like a Chihuahua or a Maltese and others may have a fairly large structure such as a Saint Bernard or a Great Dane. Hence, always consult a skilled vet first before picking up the perfect food for your newest four-legged family member.

  • Food and Water Bowls

Every puppy needs his own personal food and water bowl from which he will be consuming his meal and water. There are various kinds of bowls that are available at dog shops which you can choose from. Puppy bowls usually come in all kinds of materials such as plastic, ceramic, steel et cetera and each of these materials have their own pros and cons, so, one should properly analyze the needs of a puppy before choosing the right bowl for him.

  • Puppy Beds or Crates

Like every member in any family has his/her own room/bed to sleep, puppies also need their own bed to rest. Some owners also go for crates instead of open beds for their puppies, but whatever you choose from these two, it should be comfortable for your pup.

First of all, the most important thing to remember while choosing a puppy bed/crate is the size. Size of the bed should be directly proportional to the overall size of the puppy. If you have a bulky pup who is fairly large in size, then go for the big-sized bed and if you have a puppy who is small and fragile, then you can choose a smaller bed for him. And the same thing goes for the puppy crate. Secondly, always remember don't choose a dog bed which is easily chewable as your puppy can easily destroy it.

  • Puppy collar, leash or harness

Collar and leash are highly important for a puppy when he/she goes out for a walk. Puppies should be properly introduced to a collar or a harness before he/she is taken out for a walk as some pups may find these wearables a bit strange at first. So to make them comfortable, you can start by making them wear collars or harness in the house only. 

Also, it is very important that you know what is the requirement of your pup, some may prefer a collar, others may be more inclined towards a harness. So, you have to first try and test these wearables on your pup and see whether he/she is comfortable with it or not. Finally, as puppies grow at a fairly fast rate, you should try not to spend a lot on its collar or harness as after a while, s/he may not fully fit through it. Also, get an id tag for your pup when you are buying a collar as that way, it can be easily returned to you if it ever somehow get lost. 

  • Puppy Toys

A puppy is basically a child and every child want to have an infinite number of toys to play with. Toys not only help a puppy to become more active but they also improve a puppy's thinking abilities and mental health. And that is why toys and other stuff that a pup can play with are so important and thus should be on the checklist of most new puppy owners. 

But not all toys are essential for a puppy, there are various different kinds of toys and you should only choose those toys that are really helpful for the development of a puppy. As puppies usually teeth till they are around 7-8 months old, their first instinct whenever they see a new toy is to chew it. Hence you should choose a toy that is durable and is not very easy to chew. Also, a toy should encourage your puppy to play, for example, toys that squeak or make noise and toys that are stuffed are usually known to attract a puppy more and it will help them to become more active and athletic. 

These are some of the most necessary things that every puppy needs once it's brought to a new home. But apart from these things, there is some other important stuff also that you can get for your puppy from any dog shop or through online sources. 

  1. Puppy treats:

    Treats are a great way to train a young canine. These delicious eatables can be used whenever the puppy is doing something correctly or its on the right track during the training sessions. Treats can act as a positive reinforcement for the puppy while he/she is learning something new from his/her owner.
  2. Cleaning and grooming kit:

    You can also buy grooming tools for your puppy. Small combs with soft bristles, brushes, nail clippers et cetera are all important for your puppy to remain well-groomed. Also, to keep your new friend clean, you will also be needing some puppy shampoo and soap which are specially designed for the thin and fragile skin of a puppy.
  3. Miscellaneous items:

    These include all those things that one can buy for his/her puppy but these are not highly essential for your little buddy and he can easily live without these things. Some of these items are:
  • Puppy pads: These can be used for potty training.
  • Baby gate and wire playpen: Different areas of the house that you don't want your puppy to explore, you can use these baby gates to block its path.
  • Bitter Apple Spray: As many puppies have a habit of biting and chewing the furniture of their home, you can use this Bitter Apple Spray on various household items and it acts as a repellent for your puppy. It is completely harmless but as it is highly unappealing to a puppy, they tend to stay away from it.

So here you go, with this list, now you are all sorted and you know what essential items should you get for your puppy once you bring him into your life. But apart from all these things mentioned in this list, the most important thing still remains the love, care, and warmth that every dog owner should always provide to their faithful four-legged companions.