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65,000 to 85,000




26-28 inches


27-48 Kilograms


Black, White, Brindle, Cream, Fawn, Sable, Red, Tan


10-13 Years


1-11 Puppies



Borzoi is a Russian breed that is famous for its beautiful silky coat which is fairly long in length. These canines carry their body with immense pride and grace and were often considered a symbol of royalty by many people in the olden times.

The Borzoi dog price in India is quite high as it starts at around ₹65,000, but there are many factors that influence this price and it can go even higher than that. The most important factor that affects the Borzoi dog price in India is the numerous variations of this breed that are being provided by several breeders of this country.

These variations are based on the overall quality and standards of the canine and along with influencing the Borzoi dog price, these different variations of this breed also influence the quality of the canine that you want to bring to your home.

These variations are of three types: Basic, KCI Registered and Show Quality. When we go from basic to show type, the Borzoi dog price increases quite a lot, and along with that its quality also improves to a certain degree.

Given below are the average price ranges of the Borzoi puppies which are available in various variations-

  • Borzoi Puppy price (Basic): ₹65,000 to ₹85,000
  • Borzoi Puppy price (KCI registered): ₹85,000 to ₹1,20,000
  • Borzoi Puppy price (Show Quality): ₹1,20,000 to ₹1,80,000

*The inner attributes and temperamental characteristics remain the same in all the variations, but the standards and quality of the breed improve as we go down towards the Show class. The show quality dog is a canine who is closer to the description of the dog breed that is provided by various kennel clubs.

If you are planning to bring home a Borzoi puppy, then it is important that you focus on getting it from a good breeder. You should look for any pet that you desire only at a reputed and trusted breeder’s place. But, if you want a pet which is extremely expensive and is a bit rare in your country (like a Borzoi in India), then it becomes all the more important to get that pet only from a reliable source. An honest and responsible dog breeder will not only provide a healthy and fit canine to you but he will also share important details and tips with you which might come in handy while raising the pup. A good breeder would also care about the overall quality of the pooch that he is providing to his customers and would prioritize his customers’ satisfaction over every other thing. And, thus it is for the betterment of both you and your soon-to-be furry best friend that you get it only from a trustworthy breeder. But, it is not always very easy to find a good breeder.

And thus, to solve this major concern, Tailsbuddy has visited the best Borzoi breeders in your city and verified them to ensure that you bring a healthy puppy home at the best price and of good quality. Tailsbuddy will guide you at every stage, from bringing a new pup home to raising them in a healthy environment. Kindly fill the form below and we will get in touch with you 


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Read some information regarding Borzoi and see if it’s a right fit for you or not-

The Borzoi is a large sized breed that is widely admired for its looks and personality. These canines like to remain calm and quiet and are not known to vocalize very often. These dogs are very gentle and tender with their loved ones but may appear a bit aloof to the outsiders. The section below will help you in deciding whether this breed is right for you or not.

  • Reasons that might make a Borzoi suitable for you:

  1. These dogs will do okay in an apartment if they remain sufficiently exercised.
  2. Their tolerance to both hot and cold climatic conditions is pretty great.
  3. They have reasonable grooming and exercising needs.
  4. These dogs are highly adaptable in nature.
  5. They are fairly even-tempered and mostly remain immensely calm and composed.
  • Reasons that might make a Borzoi ill-suited for you:

  1. These canines don’t get along that well with other animals like cats and other dogs.
  2. They remain a bit reserved with strangers. Hence, early socialization is extremely important for these canines.
  3. They are not highly recommended to a novice dog owner as they can be sometimes a little hard to train and handle.

You can read more about them here and decide whether this breed is suitable for you or not: Borzoi dog