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Boxer Dog



20,000 to 40,000




21-25 inches


24-36 Kilograms


Brindle, Fawn, White


10-12 Years


6-9 Puppies (approx.)



The Boxer dog price in India starts at about ₹20,000, but it depends on numerous factors. But, the most important factors that heavily influence the price of a pooch are its quality and from which breeder you are getting it.

The Boxer dog price varies from one breeder to another but it is important to only look for the pooch you are interested in at a reliable breeder’s place. A reputable breeder in India will mostly provide you with three variants of a Boxer dog. The quality of the canine goes higher as we go from one variant to another. But, along with the quality, the Boxer dog price also proportionally increases. The three variants that are normally available at a good breeder’s place are Basic, KCI Registered and Show Quality. The standard, condition and the Boxer dog price in India increase as we go up from Normal or Basic variant to the Show variant.

Given below are the average price ranges of the Boxer puppies which are available in various variations-

  • Boxer Puppy price (Basic): ₹20,000 to ₹40,000
  • Boxer Puppy price (KCI registered): ₹40,000 to ₹50,000
  • Boxer Puppy price (Show Quality): ₹50,000 to ₹65,000

*The inner attributes and temperamental characteristics remain the same in all the variations, but the standard and quality of the breed improve as we go down towards the Show class.

Now the next step that comes after deciding the breed of the pooch that you want to raise is deciding from where to get it from. And, this is a very important decision and many people take it very lightly. Getting a pup from a good breeder is extremely crucial as that way not only the authenticity and quality of the canine is ensured, but you also get a sense of satisfaction that the furry four-legged friend that you are bringing home is healthy and fit. The chances of your pup suffering from a genetic disease are enormously less if you get it from a trustworthy breeder. So, it is highly important that you get a Boxer dog only from a good breeder.

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Read some information regarding Boxer dogs and see if it’s a right fit for you or not-

Boxers are highly energetic and athletic dogs who possess a good amount of endurance, speed, and agility. They have a well-built outer structure and strong and sturdy overall body which complements athleticism and their enthusiastic character. This breed is very popular all over the world and their demand and availability in India are also pretty high. The section below will help you in deciding whether this breed is right for you or not.

  • Reasons that might make a Boxer suitable for you:

  1. Boxers are extremely adaptable and adjustable canines who are fairly apartment-friendly in nature.
  2. They are highly affectionate and friendly towards their loved ones and are also kind and gentle with the small kids. These canines are very loyal to the ones who they can easily trust.
  3. They possess a pretty decent watchdog ability and are considered awesome guard dogs.
  4. Their grooming requirements are minimal.
  5. Training them is not that hard as they are mostly very agreeable and responsive during the training sessions.
  • Reasons that might make a Boxer ill-suited for you:

  1. These canines are not very affable and warm towards other dogs as they feel challenged by them. But, through training, these dogs can learn how to be friendly with other pooches also.
  2. Their exercise needs are very high and should be provided to them on a daily basis. And, this can be a little inconvenient for some people.
  3. These canines don’t prefer to be alone for long periods of time and can become restless and frustrated because of that.

You can read more about them here and decide whether this breed is suitable for you or not: Boxer Dog