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Boxer Dog


Boxers are highly athletic and active canines that are tremendously popular all around the world. These pooches are fairly expressive, intelligent and spirited in nature and they know how to create a fun and positive environment wherever they go. Boxers are also extremely devoted and loyal to their owners and loved ones and are known to have great protective instincts for their family members as well.

There are probably hundreds of reasons to admire and adore this awesome breed and because these canines have such a large-scale fan base, I have decided to share some interesting and fascinating facts about the Boxer canines and I am sure, some of them will definitely surprise even the biggest of Boxer admirers out there.

General Facts about Boxers

  • Name:

    There is no official records or a definite proof behind the distinct name of this breed, but it is heavily suggested that these canines get their name from the posture they make while in a playful mood. They have a habit of standing on their hind legs while kicking out their front paws up in the air just like an actual human boxer would do. And, this boxing action inspired the unusual name that these canines have.
  • Popularity:

    Boxers are enormously popular all around the world. They are currently placed at the #11 spot in AKC’s list of most popular dog breeds that features 190 distinct canine breeds from all over the world.

Facts about Boxer’s Body

  • Muzzle:

    A Boxer’s muzzle is approximately half the length of its skull. And, it is totally intentional as a short muzzle combined with strong teeth and an undershot jaw gives these dogs a better grip and bite and it lets them hold on to their preys as long as possible while they wait for their hunting companions to arrive at their location. And, because of the short snout, they are able to breathe a bit better while they are clutching their preys in their mouths. Today, these boxers are generally seen more like a family companion and less as a hunting partner, but in the past, their shorter snouts definitely helped them a lot during several of their hunting expeditions.

Historical Facts about Boxers

  • Origin:

    Bullenbeisser, a breed of canines that is now extinct, is considered to be the true ancestors of the modern-day Boxers. These Bullenbeisser dogs are also believed to have influenced the English Mastiffs and the Bulldogs. They were primarily used for hunting purposes in the past and they used to hunt large-sized animals such as bears and boars. But, when bear hunting fizzled out, Belgium breeders started to breed a smaller version of these canines. These small and compactly built Bullenbeisser canines began to be used as cattle and butcher dogs and these are the dogs that are believed to be the direct ancestors of the Boxer Breed that we see today.
  • World War:

    Boxers played an active role during both World War I and World War II. They helped only the German troops during the WWI but by the time WWII took place, they were able to attract the U.S. soldiers as well because of their athleticism and endurance and thus they got employed by the US army too. These canines served valiantly during the War as messenger dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, first-aid dogs et cetera.
  • AKC Recognition:

    Boxers were recognized as a distinct breed by the American Kennel Club in the year 1904.

Temperamental Facts about Boxers

  • Brave, Confident and Courageous:

    Boxers have a bold and confident personality and are known to be highly fearless in nature. These canines do possess a great watchdog ability as well and will courageously defend their owners and loved ones against any kind of external harm.
  • Friendly, loving and Loyal:

    Boxers of today are immensely affectionate and friendly with their housemates. They faithfully follow their owners’ instructions and are fairly easy to train. These canines are also highly kind and careful with small kids and are happy to play various games with them.

Miscellaneous Facts about Boxers

  • The Longest Tongue:

    The World Record Holder for the Longest Tongue on a Dog was a Boxer named Brandy. She used to live in Michigan, USA with her owner John Scheid until 2002 and she had a 17 inch (43 cm) long tongue that won her the World Record.
  • Deafness:

While it is not totally true that all White-colored Boxers are deaf, but still there is a certain credibility behind this so-called myth. Boxers come in three different colors according to the standards, Fawn, White and Brindle. Out of these, only white colored dogs are more prone to deafness due to the absence of pigment cells in the inner ear. Dogs with less pigmentation are more likely to suffer from deafness and thus White colored Boxers have a higher chance of being deaf.

  • A Long Puppyhood:

    Boxers are known to have one of the longest puppyhoods in the canine world. These pooches usually take about three years to fully mature and this condition is sometimes referred to as the Peter Pan syndrome.
  • Celebrity Owners:

    Some of the top Hollywood actors absolutely love this breed and thus they have chosen this pooch to be their pet. Stars like Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Biel and many more consider themselves to be the proud owners of this amazing breed.