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Giant Schnauzer


  1. Are Giant Schnauzers hypoallergic?

Answer: Yes! The Giant Schnauzer is a hypoallergenic breed. These large-sized canines only shed their fur (in a considerable manner) during the shedding season and they don’t produce a lot of dander.

  1. Are Giant Schnauzers friendly with Kids?

Answer: Generally, Giant Schnauzers are considered to be too high-spirited and energetic for kids. These canines should be properly trained so that they remain a bit more calm and composed around small children. But without proper guidance and socialization, these pooches are not known to make an ideal companion to small kids.

  1. Are Giant Schnauzers friendly with other dogs?

Answer: Giant Schnauzers are highly dominant and strong-willed in nature. They generally view other canines as a threat, especially if they are of the same gender and that is why these dogs do not get along very well with other pooches. If proper training is not given to a Giant Schnauzer, then it may also act a bit aggressively and harshly whenever it encounters another dog.

  1. Are Giant Schnauzers friendly with cats?

Answer: If these canines are properly socialized with cats at an early age or they are raised with a cat in the same house from the very beginning, then they might become a bit more sociable and friendly with the felines when they grow up. But if no effort is put into training and guiding these canines and making them more comfortable around other animals, then they are not known to be highly warm or cordial with other household pets such as cats.

  1. Do Giant Schnauzers make good guard Dogs?

Answer: Yes! The Giant Schnauzers are one of the best guard dogs that you could find today. These pooches are immensely loyal and protective of their family and they can effectively keep their loved ones safe from various kinds of threats and harms that could come in the form of a trespasser, burglar or an intruder. Also, these pooches are not only known for their excellent guarding capabilities but they are pretty effective watchdogs as well.

  1. Are Giant Schnauzers apartment friendly?

Answer: No! The Giant Schnauzer is not a very good apartment breed. Due to their massive size, these pooches mostly do a lot better in big houses with yards or gardens where they can freely move and can remain contented.

  1. How much do Giant Schnauzers shed?

Answer: The shedding potential of these dogs is not very high. They mostly shed their fur during the shedding season and during this period, regular brushing of their coat can help a lot in controlling the overall shedding process.

  1. Are Giant Schnauzers good for first-time owners?

Answer: No! The Giant Schnauzers require a knowledgeable and skilled owner who can properly train them so that they could become more sociable and gregarious with others. Also, the exercise needs of these canines are extremely high and only an experienced owner would be able to properly fulfill all the needs and requirements of these pooches. And due to all these reasons, the Giant Schnauzers are not considered to be a very suitable option for the novice or first-time owners.

  1. Do Giant Schnauzers bark a lot?

Answer: Yes! The Giant Schnauzers can be a little noisy at times. These pooches do like to express themselves through their voice and they do this by using their loud and heavy bark. They mostly vocalize when they are alert and guarding their homes and property but they can also sometimes bark to get the attention of their owners and loved ones.

  1. How much exercise does a Giant Schnauzer need daily?

Answer: The Giant Schnauzers are very active and energetic canines that require a lot of exercise and movement on a regular basis so as to remain fit, healthy and contented. Long Walks in a properly fenced area is good for these pooches as they can freely spend the large amount of energy that is present inside their body. They can also act as your running or jogging buddies which you can take on your morning exercise sessions. Their work and exercise needs can also be fulfilled by taking these canines on various miscellaneous activities like swimming, biking, hiking et cetera.

  1. Can Giant Schnauzers live alone for a long time in a day?

Answer: Properly trained Giant Schnauzers may be able to live alone for a good amount of time, but still, it is highly recommended not to keep these canines away from their loved ones for an extended period of time. These pooches can suffer from separation anxiety and they can become highly bored, frustrated and restless. And if this is done to them on a regular basis, then they can also become fairly destructive in nature which is tremendously detrimental to their mental health.

  1. Are Giant Schnauzers easy to train?

Answer: Training a Giant Schnauzer is not a very difficult task if an adept and experienced owner is involved in the process. These pooches should learn about obedience from their owners first, and once they have become a bit more compliant in nature, then they can be taught various other things like new commands, tricks et cetera. These canines are generally fairly responsive and alert during the training sessions and they listen to their owners’ commands quite intently.

  1. What are Giant Schnauzer's grooming needs?

Answer: The grooming needs of the Giant Schnauzers are a bit on the higher side but they are still fairly manageable. Their coat should be brushed at least twice or thrice every week so as to avoid any matting or tangling issues. If their coat is excessively long, then it needs to be properly clipped and for that, many people seek the help of a professional groomer. Their bathing needs are not so high but their ears should be cleaned regularly so as to avoid any potential ear infections. Finally, their nails should be trimmed whenever it is needed as overly long nails can cause a lot of pain to the canines.

  1. What is the Giant Schnauzer's tolerance to heat?

Answer: The Giant Schnauzers have a subpar tolerance to heat. These canines are not highly suitable for those people who want to raise a pooch in warm and hot places. They can’t tolerate high-temperatures very well and it can even have various bad effects on their health.

  1. What is the Giant Schnauzer's tolerance to cold?

Answer: They have a great tolerance to cold. These pooches can comfortably reside in chilly and low-temperature areas and it is mostly due to their dense double-coat which keeps them warm and cozy under harsh climatic conditions.

  1. Is Giant Schnauzer an intelligent dog breed?

Answer: Yes! The Giant Schnauzer is a highly intelligent breed. These canines have great learning and decision-making skills. In fact, they are often placed in the top #30 in the list of most intelligent canine breeds that features various kinds of pooches from all around the world.

  1. Is Giant Schnauzer stranger friendly?

Answer: The Giant Schnauzers are not that friendly or affectionate with strangers. They mostly remain very reserved around unknown visitors but if they haven’t received proper training and guidance from their owners, then they might be a bit aggressive with strangers as well.

  1. Do Giant Schnauzers drool a lot?

Answer: Giant Schnauzers are not extreme droolers. They mostly drool when they want something to eat from their family members and sometimes when they are excited. They can also drool a little bit after eating/drinking something, but apart from this, they don’t slobber all that much.

  1. Are Giant Schnauzers expensive and high maintenance dogs?

Answer: Yes! The Giant Schnauzer is a fairly expensive canine who is not that easy to maintain as well. This pooch has very high exercise and work requirements and they must be fulfilled on a regular basis. If not, these canines can become highly restless, bored and even destructive in nature. This dog also requires constant training and guidance from its owner so as to become more comfortable, friendly and sociable with others. They also don’t like to be alone for long periods of time and need a lot of attention from their owners and loved ones. And due to all these reasons, the Giant Schnauzer is rightly considered to be a high-maintenance breed.

  1. Are Giant Schnauzers easily available in India?

Answer: Giant Schnauzer are not very easily available in India. These pooches may be available in some of the bigger cities like Delhi, Mumbai et cetera, but when it comes to most of the lesser-known regions of India, then finding these canines is still extremely hard in those areas.

  1. What is the avg price of a Giant Schnauzer puppy in India?

Answer: The average price of a Giant Schnauzer puppy in India is around ₹40,000 to ₹50,000. But there are a lot of factors that affect their price in the country and because of that, the cost of bringing a Giant Schnauzer puppy home can go fairly high.

  1. Do Giant Schnauzers like to swim?

Answer: If these dogs are properly trained to swim, then they are known to enjoy a lot when they are inside the water. But some Giant Schnauzers may struggle a bit when they are in a big pool or lake and thus, proper supervision and safety measures are of utmost importance whenever these pooches are swimming or playing in the water.

  1. What Colors do Giant Schnauzers Come In?

Answer: The Giant Schnauzers are mostly found in only two colors which are listed below:

  • Black
  • Salt & Pepper
  1. What is a Giant Schnauzer’s lifespan?

Answer: The Giant Schnauzers have a fairly mediocre lifespan which is about 10-12 years. But if these canines are consistently provided with proper nutrition, exercise, and care, then some of them might live longer than 12 years of age.

  1. What are the most common health issues for the Giant Schnauzers?

Answer: Most common health problems found in the Giant Schnauzers are Osteochondrosis Dissecans (OCD), Hypothyroidism, Gastric Torsion, Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD), Autoimmune Thyroiditis, and Eye Diseases.