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French Bulldog


The French Bulldogs are considered to be the smaller version of the English Bulldogs. These cute and adorable canines are highly affectionate and friendly in nature and they know how to melt someone’s heart just by their endearing looks and sweet expressions. The French Bulldogs are known to make excellent family companions because of their easy-going personality and adaptable nature and are currently one of the most popular canine breeds present on this planet.

Considering their popularity, many people might think that they know every fact about these charming canines, but there are certain things about French Bulldogs that we bet even the biggest admirers and fans of this breed will be surprised to know!

General Facts about French Bulldogs

  • Name:

    As these canines are believed to be the mini-version of their English cousins, the name of this breed is also inspired by the English Bulldogs. When small-sized English Bulldogs were bred with Pugs and some Terrier canines, the result of that breeding was the formation of French Bulldogs. They got their name after their owners shifted with them to France because of work-related reasons.
  • Popularity:

    Both the popularity and demand for the French Bulldogs are extremely huge all over the world. They are currently placed at #04 spot (out of 190) in AKC’s list of most popular dog breeds and are even ranked higher than the English Bulldogs who are placed at #05 position.

Facts about French Bulldogs’ Body

  • Shorter Snout:

    As the French Bulldogs have a short and flat muzzle, they come under the category of brachycephalic breeds. These types of canines are prone to various respiratory issues (breathing problems) because of their facial structure and thus should be given a bit extra care and attention than some other breeds. They should not be over-exerted or over exercised especially on a hot and sunny day as it can cause breathing issues in these canines. Also, these dogs are not great for flying in a plane as they can easily get sick during the flight.
  • Ears:

    Initially, the French Bulldogs had rose-shaped ears and it was preferred by most English breeders. But, the American breeders wanted the Frenchies to have bat-like ears. And, the Americans were so against the idea of rose-shaped ears that they protested against it by forming a French Bull Dog Club of America in 1897 in which rose-eared French Bulldogs were not welcomed. This led to breeders opting for bat-like ears in the Frenchies and gradually the rose-eared French Bulldogs disappeared. Today, only the bat-eared Frenchies are present and recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Historical Facts about French Bulldogs

  • Origin:

    It is believed that the French Bulldogs were bred as companions for the lace makers in Nottingham, England around the 19th century. The workers wanted a toy-sized version of traditional English Bulldogs with a warm personality that would sit in their laps and accompany them wherever they went. And for this, the small-sized English Bulldogs were crossed with some local Terriers and Pugs and the French Bulldogs were born as a result of this breeding. When the lace makers in Nottingham found better opportunities in France, they moved to the French market along with their dogs who were appropriately named ‘bouledogues français’ which means French Bulldogs.
  • AKC Recognition:

    The American Kennel Club recognized the French Bulldogs as a distinct breed in the year 1898, one year after the French Bull Dog Club of America was formed.

Temperamental Facts about French Bulldogs

  • Sensitive:

    French Bulldogs are highly sensitive and emotional canines who do not respond that well to harsh criticism or scolding from their owners and loved ones. They can easily get hurt if they are being yelled at and that’s why it is important for the owners of this breed to raise and train them cautiously without using any harsh or severe correction methods. Positive Reinforcement, which can be both verbal or in the form of treats, is the best way to go for the French Bulldogs.
  • Expressive:

    Frenchies are very expressive canines, but they don’t do so by means of barking. Instead of a traditional doggy bark, these pooches convey their feelings to their family members through various actions like yawning and gargling and they also use yips and squeals to communicate.

Miscellaneous Facts about French Bulldogs

  • Deep Waters:

    Because of their small muzzle, round head and short legs, the French Bulldogs are not able to swim very well and their owners should definitely keep an eye out for them whenever they are around a swimming pool or any other deep water body.
  • Artificial Insemination:

    Because of their small size, slim hips and low endurance, many French Bulldogs have a hard time breeding through natural means. Hence, artificial insemination is considered to be the best possible way for such pooches to procreate.
  • Celebrity Owners:

    Over the years, several celebrities have had the privilege of being a French Bulldog owner. These include Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, Lady Gaga, David Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, Madonna and many more.