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“Multum in parvo”, this Latin phrase is often used by many people to describe a Pug. The rough meaning of this phrase is “much in little” and it perfectly suits these small-sized canines who packs a lot of wonderful qualities inside their tiny (and adorable) structure. These pooches are immensely friendly, kind, loyal, cute, courageous, playful, intelligent and gentle in nature and they are extremely popular all over the world because of their lovable looks and charming personality.

There is a lot out there that many people don’t know about these amazing canines and thus, below are some of the most interesting facts and bits about these dogs that every pug-lover should be aware of.

General Facts about Pugs

  • Name:

    There are a lot of theories around the origin of this breed’s name. Some believe their name is inspired from a Latin word which means “clenched fist” as their smooshed face slightly resembles a human fist. But, the most popular theory about their name is that it is inspired by marmoset monkeys which were also called the Pug Monkeys. And, the faces of these Pug monkeys look very similar to that of a modern-day Pug Dog.
  • Purpose:

    Originally, the sole purpose of these canines was to be the lapdogs for the Chinese emperors and royalty. Pugs received all the luxuries of life by their owners and some were even given their own private palaces and mansions.
  • Grumble:

    For those of you who might be wondering what a group of pugs is called? Well, it’s called a Grumble.

Facts about Pug’s Body

  • Face:

    Pugs have a flat and smooshed face which makes them a brachycephalic breed. It means they have a shortened head region and a small nose which may lead to several respiratory problems.
  • Wrinkles on the forehead:

    The Wrinkly head of these canines was purposefully designed by the Chinese breeders. They wanted the wrinkles on the forehead of this dog to resemble a Chinese character that translated to the word “prince”.
  • The perfect tail:

    Pugs generally have a curled up or a twisted tail only, but a perfect Pug is believed to have a double curl in its tail.

Historical Facts about Pugs

  • Origin:

    Pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds present today. It is believed that these canines have existed in China since 400 B.C. (at least) and they were kept as pets by the Buddhist monks in Tibetan monasteries.
  • AKC Recognition:

    This breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club in the year 1885.
  • Josephine Bonaparte:

    Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife Josephine had a feisty Pug named Fortune, who she admired a lot. It is rumored that when Napoleon entered the bed on his wedding night, Fortune bit him on the leg, after Josephine refused to let the Pug sleep anywhere but with her, in her own bed.
  • Queen Victoria:

    In 1860, the British brought a large number of Pugs back with them from China, after invading several of the Chinese Palaces. The Queen of the United Kingdom at that time, Queen Victoria absolutely adored these small-sized pooches. She was always a canine admirer and because she had a soft spot for the Pugs, she banned the practice of cropping of ears in these canines.
  • Order of the Pug:

    In 1740, the Roman Catholics who were forbidden from becoming Freemasons, decided to form a secret group as a replacement called the Order of the Pug. They chose Pugs as their symbol because they admired the breed’s loyalty and faithfulness.
  • Pompey, the savior:

    In 1572, the Dutch and the Spanish were in the middle of a long war with one another. One night when the first Prince William of Orange was sleeping in his tent, Spanish soldiers tried to assassinate him. But, before they could complete their job, Prince William’s trusted Pug, Pompey alerted his owner by barking and jumping. And, because of that, Prince William’s life was saved and the Spanish soldiers were apprehended. As a reward, the Pug was made the official breed of the House of the Orange.

Temperamental Facts about Pugs

  • True Companions:

    Pugs are considered to be awesome companions and amazing pets because of their adjusting nature and adaptable personality. These pooches are extremely fond of their loved ones’ company and are always happy to spend all of their time with their close ones.
  • Lazy:

    Pugs are not very active and energetic canines. They are playful in nature and they love to go on walks with their family members, but given the choice, most Pugs will choose to rest in their beds over frolicking in a park. They are great apartment dwellers and are best suited for someone who is looking to raise an inactive and gentle breed as a pet.

Some Amusing Facts about Pugs

  • A Highly Educated Pug:

    To expose various online colleges, a site called GetEducated.com pulled up a stunt in 2009. They submitted the resume of a Pug named Chester Ludlow to the website of Rochville University. They applied for an MBA course and even paid the entry fees. And, just after a week, the Pug received his degree and grades at his home. This exposed the true face of some of the online colleges and helped a lot of students from being duped by these fraud sites.
  • Pugs and Celebrities:

    Whether it is an olden time or the modern days, Pugs have always been popular among some of the most famous people present. In the past, Pugs had owners like Queen Victoria, Prince William of Orange and the Chinese Emperors, and in today’s time, celebrities like Gerard Butler, Rob Zombie, Jessica Alba, Hugh Laurie, Billy Joel, Kelly Brook et cetera are some of the proud Pug owners that we know of.