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Shih Tzu



15,000 to 20,000


Shih Tzu


09-10.5 Inches


04-7.5 Kilograms


Black, Blue, Brindle, Gold, Liver, Red, Silver


10-16 Years


2-4 Puppies (approx.)



Shih-Tzu, the little lion dog from China has gradually become one of the most popular breeds all around the world. This sweet and small pooch is simply adored by almost all the canine lovers out there and that is why its demand is slowly increasing day by day. This is a great house pet in every aspect and any potential owner who decides to raise this dog will definitely be extremely happy and contented by his choice.

Earlier, the availability of Shih Tzus was not really high in countries like India and these dogs were mostly considered to be fairly rare. But now, times are changing and people have started to look for more unorthodox breeds to raise and this is why breeds like Shih Tzu, Bichon Frisé et cetera are on a gradual but fairly constant rise in the Indian Subcontinent. These pooches are readily available on sale and Shih Tzu price in India is also fairly affordable and because they are highly friendly, playful and adjustable in nature, they are a pretty decent fit for Indian dog owners and admirers.

Given below is the average price list of the Shih Tzu puppies which are available in India in various variations.

  • Shih Tzu Puppy price (Basic): 15,000 to 20,000
  • Shih Tzu Puppy price (KCI registered): 25,000 to 40,000
  • Shih Tzu Puppy price (Show Quality): 40,000 to 65,000

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Now if you are only interested in buying a dog, then also it is very important to not only look for the best breed to raise but to focus on the best breeder to get that breed from. A good breeder is extremely important for both you and your future four-legged companion. Looking for a new pet at a trusted breeder's place is a way of ensuring that you are bringing a healthy and wholesome canine home. Also, the chances of genetic diseases in a canine are reduced by a great margin if you are bringing a puppy home from a reputable breeder. So, rather than fussing over the Shih Tzu dog price at a random breeder's place or waiting for a sale, you should always try to get it from a reliable breeder.

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Now every potential owner should be aware of various factors that can affect the original Shih Tzu price in India. These factors are as follows:

  • Type

There are three different price categories for a Shih Tzu dog (in India): Basic, KCI Registered and Show Quality.

  1. Basic category includes all those dogs and puppies that are not registered to any kennel club including KCI. A basic Shih Tzu puppy for sale can cost anywhere around ₹15,000.
  2. KCI is short for Kennel Club of India and if a dog belongs to KCI Registered category, then it means you will get a canine whose quality is up to the mark. You will also be able to participate in KCI dog shows if your canine is registered and also you will get a KCI registration certificate.
  3. A Show Quality dog means that the canine is closest to the ideal as mentioned in the Breed Standards. If you are not planning to participate in dog shows with your pooch, then it does not matter all that much whether you buy a Show Quality dog or a normal Pet Quality one.
  • Physical Attributes and Characteristics

Shih Tzus are available in a lot of different colors and this can also greatly affect their original price. Common colors that are found on a Shih Tzu's coat are Black, Gold, Liver, Red, and Silver and these colors are mostly present in some sort of combination. Bringing home a common colored Shih Tzu will definitely cost less as compared to a rare colored Shih Tzu. Uncommon colors that a Shih Tzu's coat can be found in are solid Black, Blue et cetera.

Also, There are other kinds of Shih Tzus that are available at various breeders places. These types can be American Shih Tzu, European Shih Tzu, and Imperial Shih Tzu. These Shih Tzu have slight differences between one another like European Shih Tzus have a broader chest and a rounder head than the American Shih Tzus and based on these types and differences, the Shih Tzu dog price can be further affected.

  • Age & Gender

It is a common knowledge that puppies and young dogs are often sold at a higher price by the breeders as compared to older dogs and this is the same case with Shih Tzus. Also, the price can again change (depending on breeder to breeder) on the basis of the gender of the dog. Mostly male canines cost more than their female counterparts.

  • Pure or Mix Breed

The cost of a purebred Shih Tzu is higher than the mixed-breed as there are lesser chances for a purebred puppy to develop hereditary health problems as compared to the one that is mixed-breed. Generally, Mixed breed puppies are fairly easily available on sale as compared to Purebred pups.

  • Availability and Location

Getting a dog from a breeder that is near or far from you will again influence the final price of that canine. Pooches that are bought from far away (from a different state or city) will cost more when compared to the dogs that are bought from a breeder that is closer to your place. Also if a breed is readily available in your area, then its price should again be on the lower side as compared to the breeds who are fairly rare and uncommon. In the case of Shih Tzus, as their availability is fairly decent in most parts of India, their price is also fairly less than other breeds which are pretty rare such as Bichon Frise.

  • Reputed Breeder

Cost of Shih Tzu dog can once again increase if you are buying this fluffy canine from a Reputed and trusted breeder. Breeders who are fairly popular in a region can sometimes charge more for a breed than some other breeders who are not so well-known. But one should also buy a dog from a trusted source only as that generally translates to better quality and healthy canine.

  • Miscellaneous Factors

  1. Champion Bloodline: If a dog belongs to a champion bloodline, meaning any of its predecessors (forefathers) were given the title of Champion in an official dog event, then its price can also go fairly high.
  2. Microchip: The price of a dog can also increase if it has been microchipped by the KCI. The extremely small pet microchip helps in providing a permanent ID for your pet.

Read some information regarding Shih Tzu and see if it’s a right fit for you or not-

Shih Tzu is a small sized furry breed of dog that hails from China. These canines possess an extremely attractive and luxurious coat that is quite long in length and is admired by most people in the world. Shih Tzus are really sociable pooches and they love to meet new people and make new friends. They are extremely popular in China but their demand in other countries is also not too shabby. They are also known as a Chrysanthemum Dog or a Chinese Lion Dog in various parts of the world. The section below will help you in deciding whether this breed is right for you or not.

  • Reasons that might make a Shih Tzu suitable for you:

  • Shih Tzus are highly adaptable and apartment-friendly dogs and they are fine and happy to spend most of their time sitting beside their loved ones.
  • Shih Tzus are always very warm and affectionate with everybody. They love their family members, are friendly with the strangers, and are even amiable with new canines that they meet. Hence, it is fine to say that Shih Tzus mix well with almost anybody.
  • Shih Tzus are also decently intelligent and they are not that hard to train.
  • They are considered a really good option for the novice or inexperienced dog owners.
  • They possess a good watchdog ability and thus they can easily alert their owners in case of an intruder.
  • Reasons that might make a Shih Tzu ill-suited for you:

  • These dogs have a low tolerance to heat and humidity and thus they require extra care and attention from their owners especially in the summer season.
  • Their barking tendency is quite high.
  • Their beautiful coat requires a pretty high amount of grooming and that too on a regular basis to look good and tidy.