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Yorkshire Terrier


  1. Are Yorkshire Terriers hypoallergic?

Answer: Yes, the Yorkshire Terriers are hypoallergenic canines as there are not a lot of allergens present in a Yorkie’s coat and thus, they are less likely to trigger an allergic reaction as compared to several other canine breeds out there.

  1. Are Yorkshire Terriers friendly with Kids?

Answer: Yorkies are generally not considered to be an incredibly kid-friendly breed, but their behavior with a small child mostly depends on whether these pooches are properly trained or not. They do have a feisty personality and they aren’t very tolerant of various antics of a small child, but if they properly trained and are well-socialized with a lot of small kids, then they can become fairly kind and cordial with kids of all ages. But still, to be on the safer side, they are mostly only recommended to those families who have kids above the age of 10 present in their homes.

  1. Are Yorkshire Terriers friendly with other dogs?

Answer: Yorkshire Terriers are not that friendly and affable with other canines and can get aggressive with other pooches especially if they are of the same gender. To make them more sociable with other dogs, it is better to start their training sessions from a young age only as teaching some new things to a small pup is a lot easier than training a fully-grown pooch. Also, it will be good for the Yorkie if it has been properly introduced to a large variety of other canines at the puppy stage only as it’ll help in making it more warm and cordial with other dogs when it grows up.

  1. Are Yorkshire Terriers friendly with cats?

Answer: Yes! Yorkshire Terriers are mostly quite affectionate with other household pets (except for dogs) and that includes cats as well. These canines get along just fine with cats and normally, the Yorkies do not face any problems while bonding with the members of the feline family.

  1. Do Yorkshire Terriers make good guard Dogs?

Answer: No, Yorkies are not known for their guarding abilities, but they do make awesome watchdogs instead. These canines are great at looking after their homes and property and they can effectively alert their owners in case of an intruder, burglar or a trespasser.

  1. Are Yorkshire Terriers apartment friendly?

Answer: Yes! Yorkshire Terriers are known to make wonderful apartment pets and family companions. They have minimal exercise needs and remain fairly inactive indoors. These pooches are extremely adjusting in nature and they are happy to stay inside their homes relaxing on their owners’ laps.

  1. How much do Yorkshire Terriers shed?

Answer: Very Little! Yorkies are minimal shedders and they only shed their coat on an occasional basis and that too in a very limited manner. If you are an allergy sufferer or get easily affected by dog hair, then this breed is awesome for you.

  1. Are Yorkshire Terriers good for first-time owners?

Answer: Well, a canine that can be easily managed and is unchallenging to train generally makes for a good first option for a new dog owner. But Yorkies don’t quite fit that description as they can be a bit hard to train and they require a lot of maintenance and grooming from their owners to live a comfortable life, hence they are not a very great option for a first-time or a novice dog owner.

  1. Do Yorkshire Terriers bark a lot?

Answer: Yes, Yorkies do bark a lot. They mostly vocalize when they want their family members’ attention or when they want something to eat. These pooches also bark while watching their homes and defending them against thieves and outsiders. Their tendency to bark can be controlled to some extent through proper training and guidance.

  1. How much exercise does a Yorkshire Terrier need daily?

Answer: These tiny canines only require small exercise sessions on a daily basis to remain fit and healthy. A slow-paced walk in a park or a yard and some regular light-hearted playtime are generally more than enough for these pooches to remain physically and mentally content.

  1. Can Yorkshire Terriers live alone for a long time in a day?

Answer: Yorkshire Terriers can be left alone in the house for a few hours (4-5 hours), but if they are left for a very long time, then they can become a little sad and disheartened which can lead to some unwanted destructive habits like excessive barking, furniture chewing et cetera.

  1. Are Yorkshire Terriers easy to train?

Answer: Yorkies are not that easy to train. These pooches are known for their independent and stubborn personality and they can easily become distracted and uninterested while getting trained. They require a well-experienced owner/trainer who can hold their attention during the training sessions and also make the sessions more fun and gripping for them. Also, it is better to be patient and gentle with these pooches while training them as their feelings can easily get hurt if harsh training methods are used.

  1. What are Yorkshire Terrier's grooming needs?

Answer: These canines have a very long and beautiful coat that requires a lot of grooming to look good and tidy. These canines should be brushed daily so as to remove excess loose hair from their body. The hair on their forehead should be trimmed or tied into a topknot so that it doesn’t irritate their eyes. Their bathing needs are also high as these canines should be bathed and cleaned at least once every 7-10 days. Their ears and eyes should also be cleaned on a regular basis so as to avoid any risks of infections and diseases. Also, their teeth should be brushed regularly and their nails should be trimmed whenever it is necessary.

  1. What is the Yorkshire Terrier's tolerance to heat?

Answer: Yorkies have an average tolerance to heat and high temperatures. They can reside in slightly warmer areas where the temperature remains somewhere in the range of 20-35°C, but anything above than that is not that suitable for the Yorkies and they should be highly protected and looked after whenever the conditions outside the house becomes highly hot and uncomfortable for them.

  1. What is the Yorkshire Terrier's tolerance to cold?

Answer: Their tolerance to cold is quite similar to their tolerance to heat and that is mediocre. These pooches are not built for excessively cold and chilly areas and thus should be properly looked after especially during the winter months.

  1. Is Yorkshire Terrier an intelligent dog breed?

Answer: Yes! Yorkshire Terriers are highly intelligent and clever canines that possess amazing thinking and problem-solving skills. These pooches can learn and understand a lot of new commands and instructions from their owners in no time, but the only thing that hinders their trainability is their stubborn attitude.

  1. Is Yorkshire Terrier stranger friendly?

Answer: A well trained and well-socialized Yorkie is generally fairly friendly and kind to other people and strangers. These pooches are happy to meet new people and make new friends and they are known to possess fairly decent social skills.

  1. Do Yorkshire Terriers drool a lot?

Answer: No! Yorkies only drool when they want something to eat from their owners or they are about to have their meals, but apart from that, they are not known to drool that much.

  1. Are Yorkshire Terriers expensive and high maintenance dogs?

Answer: Yes, for a vast majority of people, Yorkshire Terrier is quite an expensive breed to bring home. And, the maintenance needs of these canines are also fairly high especially when it comes to their grooming requirements. Many Yorkies may also need to be taken to professional groomers if the owner doesn’t know how to properly fulfill the grooming needs of these canines. And, they also require a high-quality feeding material to grow and develop, albeit in smaller amounts. Hence, Yorkies are, in fact, considered to be a high-maintenance breed.

  1. Are Yorkshire Terriers easily available in India?

Answer: These canines are fairly popular all around the world and that includes India as well, but their availability is not that high in several parts of the country. They can be easily found in most major cities like Mumbai, Delhi et cetera, but their demand and availability are fairly low in smaller areas of India.

  1. What is the avg price of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy in India?

Answer: The average price of a Yorkshire Terrier puppy in India is around ₹35,000 to ₹50,000. But there are a lot of factors that affect their price in the country and because of that, the cost of bringing a Yorkshire Terrier puppy home can go fairly high.

  1. Do Yorkshire Terriers like to swim?

Answer: It basically comes down to personal preference. Many Yorkies love to stay in the water while others don’t like to get wet. But naturally, Yorkies aren’t built for swimming and if your Yorkie wants to swim or show any likeness towards the water, then it is better to first train it properly and then keep an eye out for it every time your pooch goes swimming. 

  1. What Colors do Yorkshire Terriers Come In?

Answer: Yorkshire Terriers are mostly found in the below-mentioned color combinations:

  • Black and Tan
  • Black and Gold
  • Blue and Tan
  • Blue and Gold
  1. What is a Yorkshire Terrier’s lifespan?

Answer: Yorkies have a fairly decent lifespan of about 11-15 years. But with proper care and attention, they can even live past 15 years of age.

  1. What are the most common health issues for the Yorkshire Terriers?

Answer: Most common health problems that Yorkies face during their lifetime are hypoglycemia, Legg-Perthes disease, skin allergies, retinal dysplasia, liver shunt, kneecap dislocation, and pancreatitis.