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Dog Care in Rainy Season

After the hot and dry spell of summer, comes the rainy season which not only brings down the scorching heat but also uplifts the cheerful spirit in everyone, including your fur buddies. It’s a wonderful time to take your pets out on a long walk and to enjoy other outdoor activities when its not raining heavily and the weather is pleasant, but the onset of monsoon also brings a whole set of problems for your dogs.

Water borne diseases increase, their skin starts to itch a lot, they develop skin infections and cold, cough etc. become very common.

Here are a few care tips for rainy season for your dog which will make monsoon for them a lovely experience:

Clean and Dry

Its okay to let your dog have a little fun in the rain but not too often and not for too long. Avoid letting them come in contact with the first few showers as they tend to be acidic and make sure to clean their fur with an anti-microbial shampoo after they are done playing in the rain. It’s also important to keep their fur dry, so use a clean towel or a dryer if needed.

Dry bed

It’s not only important to keep your pet clean and dry, it is also necessary to keep their beds dry and if your dog likes to spend time in the balcony or terrace, make sure there is a covered resting place with a nice and dry comfortable bedding with covered food and water bowl nearby.

(make sure to clean the bowls timely in order to prevent rusting and accumulation of microbes)

Paw Protection

Paws are very sensitive and therefore it’s important to protect them. Make sure to put paw butter before taking them out on a walk and after coming back, thoroughly clean them. Inspect for any cuts, scratches or bruises etc. and if present, then do not ignore them as they may catch infection quickly.

Ear protection

Dogs tend to contract a lot of ear infections at the time of rainy season. This time of the year increases moisture, especially in your pet’s ears. So, it is important to clean the ears after every outdoor play session and to remove excess wax regularly. Owners of the pets with long and closed ears need to pay extra attention as these dogs are at a greater risk of developing ear infections.


Dogs tend to be very susceptible to worms in this season so make sure to take them to a vet and get their deworming done in time in order to avoid any complications.


Utmost importance should be given to the water they consume. Do not, in any case, let them drink dirty water when they are outdoor as this may cause water borne diseases in them, such as jaundice etc. Avoid giving them excess of meat as this may cause indigestion. Instead, give them fiber rich food around this time.

Grooming and trimming

Around this time, it is not only important to keep their fur clean and dry, but it’s also necessary to keep it well groomed. Longer fur gets tangled too quickly and its hard to brush through especially when its not dry. It also tends to become rough because of the rainwater, so its better to just keep it trimmed.


Although not a necessity, but it’s recommended to get your pets little rain coats and other protective accessories to prevent their fur from getting wet and dirty.


Since the rains bring in a lot of diseases, its important to get your dog vaccinated and all checked up by a vet.


Since the heavy rains restrict a lot of areas and sometimes it just becomes impossible to take your pets out because of heavy rains, make sure to keep them active indoors and also, expose them to sunlight whenever possible.


when thunder and lightning strike, it scares your pets. Especially, the young ones. This develops anxiety and fear in them so it is very important to make your pet feel safe and secure. Give them hugs and cuddles when they are scared and make sure not to keep them isolated at such times, especially when its dark.

Ticks and fleas

Dogs face a lot of tick and flea problems in this season. They are very prone to getting tick fever which in some cases, may develop into kidney failure. Some tick bites may also cause dermal problems in them. So, it’s important to be vigilant and give proper medication.

Monsoon can be a really fun and enjoyable time of the year. But just like any other season, this season too has its pros and cons. It’s important to make sure proper preventive measures are taken for your pets in order to avoid any unnecessary hassle during such a lovely time. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. Happy monsoon!