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Hindi Dog Names

Naming someone is like giving them an identity which they have to walk with for the rest of their life, which is why selecting a name for your child or even your new pet can be a very confusing and challenging task. While some just call their dogs by names which are cute or catchy, some prefer to give their dogs very meaningful names based on history, culture, art or significance.

Unique Hindi dog names which are inspired from history are based on the rich story of India including the first of civilizations such as Mohenjo-daro, Harappa etc., various dynasties like Gupta and Maurya, medieval history of Mughals and the modern history of Indian struggle of freedom. The culturally driven names draw inspiration from the rich and varied heritage of our country and deities worshipped by the various sects of people. According to the Hindu culture, dogs hold a very significant position as it is believed that they’re the manifestation of the god’s vehicle (Vahana) used for taking gods on various ventures which is rather contrary to another popular belief that dogs are frowned upon if spotted near or in holy places and are often chased away as they’re believed to be dirty and unsuitable for a pious place.

Those who give a lot of significance to the meaning of the name for their dog, often consider its background, popularity and how much it is falling in the lines of the dog’s personality, based on all these factors, a name is then decided. So, here are a few Dog Names in Hindi for your pet dogs which might suit your preference and your dog’s personality.

Top Hindi Dog Names list:

A) Hindi Dog Names for Male

Saanjh (Evening)

for a dog who’s very outgoing and has a cheerful, pleasant persona

Moksha (Release or emancipation)

a great name for therapy dogs

Rimjhim (sound of the rains)

for a dog who makes you feel as good as the rains


impulse, a smart name for a smart, quick-witted and fast acting dog


King, for a big dog who owns the room when he walks in, with his dominating and elegant personality


prince, for a small, elegant and well-behaved dog


Jewel, for the apple of your eye


boy in the jungle book, can be used as a name for an adventurous and highly active or energetic dog


from the jungle book for your constant and loyal companion


shining moon, for a dog who’s calm, composed and serene


sincere, for a dog who’s always quick to follow commands


A potion to make you immortal, used as a name with a belief that your fur buddy lives on forever


attractive, for a handsome and good-looking dog (which all dogs are, of course)


glorious, for dogs who are very bright and glorious


someone who is without sorrow or grief, also one of the greatest pioneers of Indian history used for a happy go lucky and cheerful dog


for dogs on the slimmer side, literal meaning is bones


a friend or a companion


someone who is always illuminated


dark, often used for dark haired dogs


literal meaning is gold but often used for dogs such as golden retrievers




name of the future buddha and a great suggestion for a nice Hindi Puppy Name.


something long and something popular for Dachshund


slim, a good name for salukis


boy, for your favourite good boy in the world

B) Hindi Dog Names for female

Indra (rainbow or the dog indra)

for a dog who makes your life bright and colorful, it’s a Hindu dog name

Bala (a young girl)

for poised little lady dog

Devi (goddess)

for a dog who gives you spiritual bliss

Sundari (beautiful)

for a pretty and elegant looking dog

Tara (star)

for a dog with a bright and illuminating personality

Anya (different)

for a rare and unique dog

Smita (happy face)

for a dog who’s always happy and cheerful

Sagara (ocean)

for a dog who’s as calm and serene as an ocean

Jasmine (the flower)

for a dog who makes you feel rejuvenated and refreshed

Komal (flower)

for a little dog who’s a delicate darling

Neha (cherished)

for a dog that means the world to you

Asha (hope)

another great name for therapy dogs

Karma (action or deed)

for your always-active and on the move dog

Amiya (delightful)

for a dog who’s very pleasant and has an agreeable nature

Khushi (happiness)

for a happy spirited dog

Puchki (adapted from puchka, meaning water bubbles pani poori)

for a bubbly personality

Keemti (value)

for a dog that’s your most valuable companion

Lalasa (love)

for the dog you have immense love for

Sherni (lioness)

for the elegant, strong and dominating female dog

Sakhi (friend)

for your partner and companion

Moti (pearl)

for a dog who’s precious to you

Sona (gold)

for a golden-haired dog such as golden retriever

Naina (eyes)

for a dog with breathtaking eyes

Meethi (sweet)

for an adorable, sweet dog

Rani (queen)

for a strong, endearing and powerful lady dog

If you’re still not satisfied then don’t worry, naming a dog is mostly instinctual, based on how you feel or what kind of vibe your fur buddy gives you when you first meet him/her and as you get to know them better. Some follow Hindu Dog Names; some try popular names while some go for funny and famous Hindi dog names, some prefer unique Hindi Dog Names whereas some like names of foreign languages.

Indian dog names are not as common as they should rather be in India, so hopefully this article will be helpful in guiding you to pick a suitable Hindi pet name.