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Doberman Pinscher


  1. Are Doberman Pinschers hypoallergic?

Answer: No! Doberman Pinschers are not hypoallergenic canines as they are known to be moderate shedders and they also produce a decent amount of dander.

  1. Are Doberman Pinschers friendly with Kids?

Answer: Yes! Doberman Pinschers are generally very friendly and gentle with small kids, but it is still a good idea to properly train them and socialize them with a lot of kids from a young age only. These pooches are happy to play a lot of games with children of all ages and thus are considered to be a suitable breed for a young child.

  1. Are Doberman Pinschers friendly with other dogs?

Answer: An untrained Doberman is not very affectionate and cordial with other canines and can become aggressive when encountering a new dog. Hence, it is very important to properly train and guide these pooches so that they can live in harmony with other canines. It is better to start their training when they are at the puppy stage as it is easier to teach new things to a small pup as compared to a fully-grown pooch.

  1. Are Doberman Pinschers friendly with cats?

Answer: Doberman Pinschers are normally quite affable with other small animals such as cats. They are a lot warmer and kinder to a cat than they are to other pooches. They don’t have a lot of problems in sharing their space or company with a cat, hence they are considered to be a fine breed for cats.

  1. Do Doberman Pinschers make good guard Dogs?

Answer: Yes! Doberman Pinschers are known to make amazing guard dogs. These canines are extremely loyal, fearless and protective of their loved ones and they will do anything to protect their owners and family members from any kind of harm. They are outstanding watchdogs as well and are able to effectively alert their owners in case of a thief or an intruder. If you want a protector for your family, this is the breed you should choose.

  1. Are Doberman Pinschers apartment friendly?

Answer: Yes! Doberman Pinchers are great apartment dogs, but it is important to keep them well-exercised. These pooches do really well in apartments as they are highly adjustable in nature and they are known to adapt fairly quickly to the apartment lifestyle. If your apartment or a house is close to a park or a garden, then that’s just an add-on bonus for the Doberman Pinschers.

  1. How much do Doberman Pinschers shed?

Answer: Doberman Pinschers are moderate shedders who usually shed their fur in a limited manner, but it increases during the shedding season which can last for quite some time and during that period, regular brushing of their coat is extremely important for the Doberman Pinschers as it can help in limiting the shedding process to some extent.

  1. Are Doberman Pinschers good for first-time owners?

Answer: A Doberman requires a lot of training and socialization from an early age to become more sociable and kind to others. And, if a novice or a first-time canine owner is ready to take up the responsibility of properly training a Doberman Pinscher, then these canines can be a decent option for a first-time dog owner. But they have pretty high exercise requirements and their feeding needs are also fairly high, so these pooches might prove to be a little overwhelming for a first-time owner, hence they are not highly recommended to an inexperienced canine owner.

  1. Do Doberman Pinschers bark a lot?

Answer: No! Doberman Pinchers don’t bark excessively or unnecessarily. These pooches only vocalize whenever they want to alert their owners or when they need something from their loved ones. They might also bark when they meet someone new but with proper training, this habit can be easily controlled.

  1. How much exercise does a Doberman Pinscher need daily?

Answer: Doberman Pinschers require a fair amount of exercise and movement on a daily basis to remain fit and healthy. Daily long walks for about 30 minutes are very important for these canines, regular play session either inside or outside the house are also highly crucial for the Dobermans. They also love to run or jog alongside their owners or loved ones, hence they can be taken to a morning run and that will also help in keeping these canines fit and in shape.

  1. Can Doberman Pinschers live alone for a long time in a day?

Answer: Dobermans can live alone for a few hours if they have been trained properly. But it is not recommended to leave them all alone for a very long time in a day as they can become sad and frustrated and that can lead to a destructive behavior in the form of excessive barking or chewing the household belongings. But still, if you have no other option and you have to leave your Doberman Pinscher alone in the house for a very long time, then make sure all his toilet needs are taken care of properly and don’t forget to leave his food and water bowl all filled up. Also, it is better to take him on a long walk before leaving him alone as that way he will spend most of his time resting in his bed.

  1. Are Doberman Pinschers easy to train?

Answer: Yes! Dobermans are very easy and enjoyable to train. They love to learn new thing from their owners and are always excited whenever they learn a new trick or a command. They are also very eager to please their owners with all their skills and their high level of intelligence also helps them a lot to learn all the new things fairly quickly. It is a pleasure for their owners to teach these canines something new and different, but it is important to begin their training program from an early age only.

  1. What are Doberman Pinscher's grooming needs?

Answer: Their grooming needs are very low. Their coat is only needed to be brushed on an occasional basis so as to remove extra loose hair from their body. But, the frequency of brushing should be increased during the shedding season. Their bathing needs are also not that high and a bath once per month is more than enough for these pooches to remain neat and clean. But it is important to brush their teeth regularly and trim their nails whenever it is necessary. Their ears should also be cleaned at least once every week so as to avoid any risks of ear infections.

  1. What is the Doberman Pinschers tolerance to heat?

Answer: A Doberman’s tolerance to heat is quite remarkable as these pooches can comfortably thrive in fairly hot and high-temperature areas without any problems. They adapt really well to the hot climatic conditions and are considered to be a good option for those people who reside in hot and humid places. But make sure to keep this dog hydrated especially during the summer months as dehydration can have harmful effects on the health and well-being of these canines.

  1. What is the Doberman Pinschers tolerance to cold?

Answer: Poor! Doberman Pinschers are not highly tolerant to very cold weather conditions and they can’t comfortably live in highly low-temperature areas. Their coat is extremely short and it does not provide any protection to these canines against cold and chilly weather, hence it is not recommended to keep a Doberman in snowy or wintry places.

  1. Is Doberman Pinscher an intelligent dog breed?

Answer: Yes! Doberman Pinschers are immensely intelligent and smart canines. They have exceptional decision-making and problem-solving abilities and they are always placed in the top 10 (sometimes even top 5) of the most intelligent canine breeds present in this world.

  1. Is Doberman Pinscher stranger friendly?

Answer: These canines, due to their protective nature for their loved ones, don’t trust strangers and new people a lot. They mostly remain reserved with the strangers and thus are not considered to be highly friendly with the strangers. But, with proper training and socialization, they can gradually become more kind and affable with other people as well.

  1. Do Doberman Pinschers drool a lot?

Answer: These pooches only drool excessively whenever there is a triggering factor present like a delicious food item or when they are very hungry. Apart from that, these canines only drool in a moderate manner, just like most other canines out there.

  1. Are Doberman Pinschers expensive and high maintenance dogs?

Answer: Doberman Pinschers are reasonably priced canines that are somewhat easier to maintain. These pooches have low grooming needs and they are very easy to train and are highly obedient and loyal as well, which all makes them quite easy to handle and maintain. The only thing that needs a little work in case of Doberman Pinchers is their high exercise needs and it is also important to properly fulfill their social needs so that the can become more sociable and friendlier with others.

  1. Are Doberman Pinschers easily available in India?

Answer: Their availability is pretty good in India and it is mostly due to their tremendous popularity all around the world. But still, in some smaller parts of India, these canines can be a little hard to find, but that’s not the case in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore et cetera.

  1. What is the avg price of a Doberman Pinscher puppy in India?

Answer: The average price of a Doberman Pinscher puppy in India is around ₹20,000 to ₹30,000. But there are a lot of factors that affect their price in the country and because of that, the cost of bringing a Doberman puppy home can go fairly high.

  1. Do Doberman Pinschers like to swim?

Answer: Yes! These active and athletic canines love to swim in a pool or in a lake. They can even swim underwater as they are known to be exceptional swimmers, but they do need some amount of training and skill before going deep into the water. It is better for them if they start their swimming lessons in a shallow pool only and gradually, they can become a lot better.

  1. What Colors do Doberman Pinschers Come In?

Answer: Most common color combinations in which the Doberman Pinschers are found are listed below:

  • Black and Rust
  • Red and Rust
  • Fawn and Rust
  • Blue and Rust (rare)
  1. What is a Doberman Pinscher's lifespan?

Answer: Dobermans have a fairly average lifespan of about 10-12 years. But, with proper care and attention, they can live past 12 years of age.

  1. What are the most common health issues for the Doberman Pinschers?

Answer: Most common health concerns that are found in the Doberman Pinschers are bloat, hip dysplasia, dilated cardiomyopathy, von Willebrand’s disease (a clotting disorder), progressive retinal atrophy, albinism, and hypothyroidism.