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Finnish Spitz



18,000 to 22,000


Finnish Spitz


15.5-20.0 inches


09-15 Kilograms


Gold, Red, Red Gold


12-15 Years


3-6 Puppies (approx.)



The Finnish Spitz, as suggested by the name, hails from Finland and is a medium sized non-sporting breed. These canines do not have a huge demand in India but many dog admirers of the country are attracted by their foxlike appearance and their happy and easygoing personality, hence, they want to raise these canines as their pets.

The Finnish Spitz dog price in India is generally quite affordable and it starts at about ₹18,000. But, it can go quite higher than that and it is mainly because the Finnish Spitz dog price directly depends on a lot of factors like the gender of the canine, which breeder you are getting it from and some more. But the most important factor that influences the Finnish Spitz dog price in India is the various variants of the canine that are available at many reputable dog breeders’ places.

These variants are Basic, KCI Registered and Show Quality. And, as we go from basic to show variant, the Finnish Spitz dog price increases with it. But, along with the price, the overall quality (authenticity, certification by various kennel clubs, purebred etc.) of the canine also increases.

Given below are the average price ranges of the Finnish Spitz puppies which are available in various variations:

  • Finnish Spitz Puppy price (Basic): ₹18,000 to ₹22,000
  • Finnish Spitz Puppy price (KCI registered): ₹22,000 to ₹30,000
  • Finnish Spitz Puppy price (Show Quality): ₹30,000 to ₹60,000

*The inner attributes and temperamental characteristics remain the same in all the variations, but the standard and quality of the breed improve as we go down towards the Show class.

Now, if you are planning to raise a Finnish Spitz as your pet, then you should start focusing on finding the best breeders to get it from. A good breeder will not only provide a fit and healthy pooch to you whose healthiness and genuineness would already be certified by various kennel clubs, but he can also guide you and give you valuable details about the canine you are interested in. Also, the chances of your soon-to-be pet suffering from a pre-existing disease are tremendously less if you get it from a responsible breeder. Thus, rather than finding your desired canine at any random breeder’s place, you should only search for it and get it from a trusted and reputable source. But, it is not that easy to find a reliable breeder.

And thus, to solve this major concern, Tailsbuddy has visited the best Finnish Spitz breeders in your city and verified them to ensure that you bring a healthy puppy home at the best price and of good quality. Tailsbuddy will guide you at every stage, from bringing a new pup home to raising them in a healthy environment. Kindly fill the form below and we will get in touch with you –


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Read some information regarding Finnish Spitz and see if it’s a right fit for you or not:

The Finnish Spitz dogs are quite active and athletic canines. They were bred to assist the hunters and they used to track and chase after small games. They were given the name Barking Bird Dogs because of their tendency to bark which was pretty high. The section below will help you in deciding whether this breed is right for you or not.

  • Reasons that might make a Finnish Spitz suitable for you:

  1. These canines are very affectionate and friendly with their owners and housemates.
  2. They are also very warm and affable with the strangers. These dogs mix well with other animals too like cats and other canines.
  3. This is a kid-friendly breed.
  4. They are very energetic and playful in nature and they know how to create a positive environment wherever they go.
  5. They are a decent option for a novice dog owner.
  • Reasons that might make a Finnish Spitz ill-suited for you:

  1. Their exercise needs are enormous.
  2. Their tendency to bark is pretty high. They are considered a noisy breed.
  3. This is not a very apartment-friendly breed.

You can read more about them here and decide whether this breed is suitable for you or not: Finnish Spitz dog