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Finnish Spitz


  1. Are Finnish Spitz canines hypoallergic?

Answer: No! Finnish Spitz is not a hypoallergenic breed. These pooches are seasonal shedders and they do shed their fur quite heavily at least twice every year. Also, they are known to produce a decent amount of dander as well which is one of the main reasons for allergies in most people.

  1. Are Finnish Spitz canines friendly with Kids?

Answer: Yes! Finnish Spitz canines or Finkies are highly affectionate and kid-friendly dogs. These pooches love to spend their time with kids of all ages and are always ready to play a lot of fun and light-hearted games with them. And, because of their loving and caring personality, the Finnish Spitz is considered to be a suitable breed for a small child.

  1. Are Finnish Spitz canines friendly with other dogs?

Answer: Yes! Most Finnish Spitz canines are known to get along really well with other dogs as well. Finkies have a sociable personality and they are happy to meet new pooches and make some new friends. This is a great breed for those people who want to raise two canines at the same time in their house. Still, early socialization with loads of different canines is highly recommended for the Finkies.

  1. Are Finnish Spitz canines friendly with cats?

Answer: Yes! Finkies are not only kind and warm with other dogs, but they are very friendly with most other household pets like cats as well. These canines have no problem in getting along with cats and are also happy to share their food, toys, and room with them as well. But, as these pooches were bred as hunters, they sometime may chase other small animals and to curb that, proper training and socialization are a must for the Finkies.

  1. Do Finnish Spitz canines make good guard Dogs?

Answer: Rather than making a great guard dog, Finkies are known to make fairly decent watchdogs. These canines can effectively look after and protect their homes and property and can alert their owners in case of an intruder, burglar or a thief.

  1. Are Finnish Spitz canines apartment friendly?

Answer: Finnish Spitz dogs will do just fine in an apartment or a small house if all their exercise needs are properly fulfilled. They are known to adjust to an apartment lifestyle more comfortably if they remain fully and properly exercised.

  1. How much do Finnish Spits canines shed?

Answer: Finnish Spitz canines are moderate shedders and they shed their fur mostly on a seasonal basis. They do shed their hair quite heavily and during that period, regular brushing of their coat is highly necessary for them as it will help in controlling the shedding process to some extent.

  1. Are Finnish Spitz canines good for first-time owners?

Answer: Finnish Spitz can be a great first-time pet for many people as this pooch is not that hard to handle, has moderate grooming requirements and is known to spread positivity and happiness wherever it goes. The only thing that might prove to be a bit difficult for first-time Finnish Spitz owners is properly fulfilling these canines’ exercise needs. These pooches need a lot of work and exercise on a daily basis to remain healthy and happy and this shouldn’t be avoided or taken lightly by their owners, hence, if a novice or first-time owner is ready to fulfill all the needs of these canines, then Finkies can be a fine choice for those people.

  1. Do Finnish Spitz canines bark a lot?

Answer: Yes! Finkies do like to use their voice a lot. They love to express their feelings through the means of barking and they also bark when they want their owners’ attention. And, because of their high barking tendencies and their role as a bird hunter, they were rightly called as Barking Bird Dogs in the olden times.

  1. How much exercise does a Finnish Spitz need daily?

Answer: A lot! Finkies are very active and athletic canines that need loads of work and exercise on a regular basis to remain healthy and fit. These pooches love to go on long walks and running sessions with their owners, they are also always ready to play a lot of games with their loved ones and thus regular playtime is also quite necessary for the Finkies. Daily exercise and fun activities are not only important for their physical well-being but are also good for their mental health and happiness.

  1. Can Finnish Spitz canines live alone for a long time in a day?

Answer: No! Finnish Spitz is not a very suitable breed for those people who have regular office jobs and are thinking of leaving their pets all alone at home for long periods of time. Finkies, if continuously left alone for a long time in a day, can become very sad and frustrated and this could lead to various bad habits such as furniture chewing, excessive barking et cetera and this is also very harmful to their mental health as well, thus it is highly recommended not to leave these canines all alone in the house for long periods of time.

  1. Are Finnish Spitz canines easy to train?

Answer: For an experienced, skilled and knowledgeable owner, Finnish Spitz canines shouldn’t be that hard to train. These pooches do have an independent personality and they can get very easily distracted during the training sessions, but a skilled owner/trainer involved in the process knows how to bring their dog’s attention back into the training exercises and a good owner will also know how to make the training sessions more interesting for their pooches so that they could learn the new things which are told to them a lot faster. Hence, the trainability of a Finnish Spitz is heavily dependent on the experience and knowledge of its owner.

  1. What are Finnish Spitz's grooming needs?

Answer: Finnish Spitz canines have moderate grooming requirements. Their coat is needed to be brushed only once or twice every week so as to remove extra loose hair from their body. These pooches don’t need regular baths to remain clean and a cleaning session once a month is more than enough for them. Their nails should be trimmed regularly as long nails can cause pain in the canines while walking or running and their teeth should also be brushed at least once or twice every week so as to maintain proper dental hygiene in these pooches.

  1. What is the Finnish Spitz's tolerance to heat?

Answer: Finnish Spitz canines have a decent tolerance for hot weather conditions. These pooches can live comfortably in warmer areas but if the temperature goes way higher than their comfort limit and weather becomes too hot to handle, then these pooches do require a lot of care and protection from their owners.

  1. What is the Finnish Spitz's tolerance to cold?

Answer: Excellent! Finkies have an amazing tolerance to cold and low temperatures. These canines have a very warm coat that efficiently protects them under harsh climatic conditions. They can easily survive in fairly low-temperature areas and thus is considered to be a right breed for those people who reside in highly chilly and wintry regions of the world.

  1. Is Finnish Spitz an intelligent dog breed?

Answer: Yes! Finkies are highly intelligent and clever canines that possess great thinking and decision-making skills. Their learning and problem-solving abilities are also pretty amazing as well.

  1. Is Finnish Spitz stranger friendly?

Answer: If these pooches are properly trained and are well-socialized with a lot of people at an early age, then they are known to be fairly friendly and warm with strangers and other people when they grow up. But, if they haven’t received proper training and guidance from their owners, then Finnish Spitz canines might not turn out to be highly cordial and kind to strangers or outsiders.

  1. Do Finnish Spitz canines drool a lot?

Answer: No! These pooches mostly drool when they are having their meal or when they want something to eat from their owners or family members, but apart from this, Finkies are not known to drool all that much.

  1. Are Finnish Spitz canines expensive and high maintenance dogs?

Answer: Finkies are reasonably priced canines that are not expensive to bring home. But these pooches do have fairly high maintenance needs. They require a lot of exercises and work on a daily basis, they might be not that easy to train for a novice owner and they need a fair amount of guidance from their owners to become more sociable with other people and other animals. Hence, Finkies might not be very costly to bring home but they sure are not that easy to maintain.

  1. Are Finnish Spitz canines easily available in India?

Answer: Finnish Spitz canines have an average availability and demand in India. They can be found in most of the big cities fairly easily like Delhi, Mumbai et cetera, but their availability is not that great when it comes the smaller regions of the country.

  1. What is the avg price of a Finnish Spitz puppy in India?

Answer: The average price of a Finnish Spitz puppy in India is around ₹18,000 to ₹22,000. But there are a lot of factors that affect their price in the country and because of that, the cost of bringing a Finnish Spitz puppy home can go fairly high.

  1. Do Finnish Spitz canines like to swim?

Answer: This is mostly a personal preference. Some Finkies do like to swim in a pool or in a big water body, but others might not be that thrilled to take a dip in the water. Hence, if your Finnish Spitz is comfortable around water and is happy to swim in it, then do take it for regular swimming sessions. But proper supervision and safety are highly important for any dog if you are taking it for a swim.

  1. What Colors do Finnish Spitz canines Come In?

Answer: Finnish Spitz only comes in a very limited range of colors which are listed below:

  • Gold
  • Red
  • Red Gold
  1. What is a Finnish Spitz’s lifespan?

Answer: Finnish Spitz canines have a fairly decent lifespan of about 12-15 years. Some might live longer than 15 years if they are consistently given proper care, exercise, and nutrition.

  1. What are the most common health issues for the Finnish Spitz canines?

Answer: Most common health problems found in the Finkies are hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, elbow dysplasia, and epilepsy.