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Labrador Retriever



₹12,000 to ₹17,000


Labrador Retriever


21.5-24.5 Inches


24-36 Kilograms


Black, Chocolate, Yellow


10-12 Years


6-9 Puppies



Labrador Retrievers or Labs as they are commonly called, first came into existence in Newfoundland, Canada when the local larger canines were bred with smaller water dogs. The ancestors of the modern-day Labradors were known as St. John's water dogs and their main job in the olden times was to retrieve the fishes that had escaped from the fishermen's hook. Today, Labrador Retriever, according to AKC, is the most popular breed in the entire world and its demand is increasing day after day.

Speaking of Labrador's popularity, then we have to talk about this breed's reach in the Indian Subcontinent. Labs are immensely adored and loved by the Indian dog admirers. These canines are exceptionally common in this country and there are several reasons for that. For starters, behavior, temperament, and attitude wise, this is an awesome dog breed to raise for both experienced and novice dog parents. Secondly, they are quite adaptable as well which means they usually adjust just fine to the Indian climatic conditions (provided they are given proper care and protection by their parents especially in the summer season). And lastly, this breed is fairly affordable and their maintenance cost is also not that high.

Given below is the average price list of the Labrador puppies which are available in India in various variations.

  • Labrador Retriever Puppy price (Basic): ₹12,000 to ₹17,000
  • Labrador Retriever Puppy price (KCI registered): ₹17,000 to ₹25,000
  • Labrador Retriever Puppy price (Show Quality): ₹30,000 to ₹55,000

If you are looking to bring this gem of a breed home and you want to get it from a breeder, then it is very crucial that you look for it at a trusted breeder’s place only. A lot of breeders in India are just looking to increase their profits and they care less about the quality of the canines. If you want your future Lab to be perfectly fit, fine and healthy, then it is very important that you get this pooch from a reputed and good breeder only. A trusted breeder will provide you with the various important details about the Labrador Retriever like information about its parents, its strengths and flaws et cetera. So, to make sure you are bringing the best quality Labrador Retriever to your home, you should search for it only at the best breeder’s place.

Labrador Retrievers for Adoption

But there is a better alternative. Rather a searching for the pooch at a breeder’s place, you should adopt one from a trusted adoption center. We @Tailsbuddy strongly supports adoption of dogs as there are so many needy canines present at these centers and shelter homes that are looking to become a part of a loving family. Labrador Retrievers and various other similar breeds can all be found at these adoption centers, you just have to look for it and if you are having any difficulty in doing that, then we are here to help you out. You can contact us or WhatsApp us on +91 9555566321 and we'll connect you to these adoption centers as soon as possible.

And we’ll not leave you just there, if you want any help or tips on how to properly raise a canine or about its health or maintenance needs, then we’ll guide you and help you with that also. Just message us on WhatsApp saying “Hi, I want to become a Pet Parent” on +91 9555566321 and from there only, we’ll be there for you whenever you need us.

Factors Affecting the Labrador Retriever Dog Price in India

Now there are various factors that can affect the original Labrador Retriever price in India. These factors are as follows:


There are three different price categories for a Labrador Retriever dog (in India): Basic, KCI Registered and Show Quality.

  • Basic category includes all those dogs and puppies that are not registered to any kennel club including KCI. A basic Labrador Retriever puppy can cost anywhere around ₹12,000.
  • KCI is short for Kennel Club of India and if a dog belongs to KCI Registered category, then it means you will get a canine whose quality is up to the mark. You will also be able to participate in KCI dog shows if your canine is registered and also you will get a KCI registration certificate.
  • A Show Quality dog means that the canine is closest to the ideal as mentioned in the Breed Standards. If the characteristics of a dog are not similar to its breed standards description, then that canine is not considered to be “Show Quality”. If you are not planning to participate in dog shows with your pooch, then it does not all that much whether you buy a Show Quality dog or a normal Pet Quality one.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

Labrador Retrievers are mostly divided into two types which can influence their pricing. There are show/English labs and working/American labs. American Labradors are generally more athletic than the English Labradors but these show labs are fairly heavier and sturdily built than their Working (American) brothers. And these physical differences can greatly affect the final price of a Labrador Retriever.

On the basis of coat color, the Labrador Retriever dog price can again get affected. Labrador Retrievers are mostly found in three main colors; Yellow, Brown and Black and a breeder may Labrador Retriever a Brown Labrador at a higher price as compared to Yellow or Black one.

Age & Gender

Younger labs or puppies are generally sold at a greater price to a customer when compared to older Labradors. Also, gender can dictate the final price of a dog; a male lab may cost more than a female one.

Pure or Mix Breed

The cost of a purebred Labrador Retriever is higher than the mixed-breed as there are lesser chances for a purebred puppy to develop hereditary health problems as compared to the one that is mixed-breed.

Availability and Location

Labradors are generally pretty easily available in most parts of India, hence their price is normally lower than those breeds which are considered to be a bit rare and hard to find. Also, if a dog is available near to your location (in the same state that you reside in), then its cost should be lower than the canine who is available in a different region/state and its because of the additional costs that adds to the original price of a dog like shipping cost, travelling cost (if you are getting the dog on your own from a different place) et cetera.

Reputed Breeder

Popular or well-known breeders also can charge more for a dog or a puppy. But, as getting a canine from a trusted source usually means you are bringing home a good-quality and healthy dog, most people don't mind spending a little bit extra on these Reputable breeders.

Miscellaneous Factors

  • Champion Bloodline: If a dog belongs to a champion bloodline, meaning any of its predecessors (forefathers) were given the title of Champion in an official dog event, then its price can also go fairly high.
  • Microchip: The price of a dog can also increase if it has been microchipped by the KCI. The extremely small pet microchip helps in providing a permanent ID for your pet.

Read some information regarding Labrador Retrievers and see if it’s a right fit for you or not-

The Labrador Retriever is ranked #01 by the AKC in the list of most popular dog breeds all over the world, and this breed is at that same spot for the past 25+ years, so that should give you some idea about the demand and popularity of this breed in the whole world. These canines are extremely lively, happy and joyful in nature. They are very devoted to their loved ones and are happy to spend all their time with them. The section below will help you in deciding whether to choose a Labrador Retriever as your pet or not.

Reasons that might make a Labrador Retriever suitable for you:

  • Labs are highly affectionate canines. They mix well with almost everyone and are quite warm and affable in nature.
  • These canines are extremely apartment-friendly and enjoy spending their time with their close ones inside the house.
  • Labs are highly kid-friendly canines and they remain quite careful with small children.
  • They are very easy to train because of their agreeable nature and an eager to please personality.
  • These dogs are also highly intelligent and can be trained to do a lot of different tasks. They are also used as guide dogs, therapy dogs et cetera and it is only because of their high trainability and exceptional intelligence levels.
  • These canines are very adaptable in nature and are a fine choice for any potential dog parent.

Reasons that might make a Labrador Retriever ill-suited for you:

  • This breed has high exercise needs and they require a decent level of movement and exertion on a daily basis.
  • Labrador Retriever is quite a sensitive breed and it can easily get hurt if treated harshly by the parent. These canines also don’t like to be alone in the house for long periods of time and they can get frustrated and sad. They require the constant attention of their loved ones and this might be a bit inconvenient for some people.
  • This breed is not highly tolerant to very hot climatic conditions and India is known to have a tropical climate. Hence, they require a little extra care from their parents, especially in the summer season.