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St Bernard



₹25,000 to ₹35,000


St. Bernard


26-30 inches


55-85 Kilograms


Red and White, Reddish Brown Brindle, Brownish Yellow


08-10 Years


6-9 Puppies (approx.)



Saint Bernard is one of the best giant breeds present today. These dogs can become extremely massive in size and stature and this is known to attract a lot of potential dog parents who are looking to raise a large-sized strong canine. But below their bulky and huge body, there is a soft and sweet personality and a gentle demeanour. Saint Bernards have got a heart of a small and playful child and these dogs are immensely kind and sensitive in nature. They are excellent with small kids and they are known to get along with almost everybody. This is a fine breed for families and homes and that's why these dogs are so popular all around the world.

But are these pooches good for Indians as well? Well, Saint Bernards, as they are highly friendly and affectionate in nature, they will make a great house pet for Indians as well. They can be a little hard and pricey to maintain and they are also a bit hard to find especially in smaller cities but if anyone wants to raise these amazing pooches, then definitely go for it as St. Bernards will be a great choice for most people out there. But do make sure to protect and care for this breed a good amount especially in the summer season as they are not very tolerant to heat, humidity and high temperatures.

Given below is the average price list of the St. Bernard puppies which are available in India in various variations.

  • St. Bernard Puppy price (Basic): ₹25,000 to ₹35,000
  • St. Bernard Puppy price (KCI registered): ₹35,000 to ₹45,000
  • St. Bernard Puppy price (Show Quality): ₹45,000 to ₹70,000

Now if you just want to get a St. Bernard from a breeder, then it is quite important to look for this big pooch at a fine breeder’s place only. And, rather than focusing on the St. Bernard price, you should focus on getting it from a trusted breeder. A reliable breeder is the one who has proper knowledge about each and every breed so that he/she could correctly guide the soon to be dog parents and nudge them in the right direction. The quality, health, and fitness of the canine are also ensured if you are getting it from a reputed breeder.

St. Bernard Dogs for Adoption

The best way to get any pet home is by adopting it from a trusted shelter home or adoption center. Tailsbuddy will always support adoption of canines and other pets over getting them from a breeder. Adoption is a great way to help those who are in dire need of a new home. There are countless dogs present at various adoption centers that are ready to become a faithful companion. Popular breeds such as the St. Bernards can also be found at these adoption places, you just need to look for them at your nearest shelter homes and centers. But if you are having any kind of trouble doing that, then you can contact us or WhatsApp us on +91 9555566321 and we'll connect you to the best adoption centers as soon as possible.

Also, after you adopt your desired pooch, if you have any kind of further questions or you want to know how to provide a healthy and happy life to your pet, you can always rely on us. Just message us on WhatsApp saying “Hi, I want to become a pet parent” on +91 9555566321 and we’ll guide you whenever you need any kind of advice or suggestions.

Factors Affecting the St. Bernard Dog Price in India

Now there are various factors that can affect the original St. Bernard price in India. These factors are as follows:


There are three different price categories for a Saint Bernard dog (in India): Basic, KCI Registered and Show Quality.

  • Basic category includes all those dogs and puppies that are not registered to any kennel club including KCI. A basic St. Bernard puppy can cost anywhere around ₹25,000.
  • KCI is short for Kennel Club of India and if a dog belongs to KCI Registered category, then it means you will get a canine whose quality is up to the mark. You will also be able to participate in KCI dog shows if your canine is registered and also you will get a KCI registration certificate.
  • A Show Quality dog means that the canine is closest to the ideal as mentioned in the Breed Standards. If you are not planning to participate in dog shows with your pooch, then it does not matter all that much whether you buy a Show Quality dog or a normal Pet Quality one.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

Based on different physical features and attributes, the cost of St. Bernard dogs and puppies can vary. These massive dogs are found in a lot of different colors and patterns and many breeders can charge differently for each of the distinct colors. Common colors that these dogs can have on their coats are Red & White, Reddish- Brown (Brindle, Mantle & Splash), and Brownish-Yellow.

Also, these dogs are available in two different types which are long-haired and Short-haired. And, this can again influence the final price of St. Bernard dogs.

Age & Gender

Generally, many breeders are known to sell male St. Bernards at a bit higher price than the female Bernards. Also, age can affect the cost of this huge doggy. Mostly, smaller canines or puppies are sold at a fairly higher price than the old or fully grown dogs.

Pure or Mix Breed

The cost of a purebred St. Bernard is higher than the mixed-breed as there are lesser chances for a purebred puppy to develop hereditary health problems as compared to the one that is mixed-breed.

Availability and Location

If you are buying a dog from a breeder that is near to your home or in the same city that you live in, then the final price of this dog will be fairly lower than the canine that you might get from a breeder that is in a different state or far away location and this is due to the additional shipping or traveling charges.

Also, if a breed is readily available in your area, then its price should be a bit lower than those breeds that are harder to find. As Saint Bernards have a moderate availability in India, hence this breed should cost a bit less in those regions where it is easily available.

Reputed Breeder

The Reputation of a breeder can also play an important role in determining the St. Bernard Price in India. The price of a dog can increase if you are getting it from a reputed and popular breeder. Smaller breeders tend to sell these canines at a price that is lower than the popular breeders. But the quality of the dog might not be the same which one can get from a trusted breeder.

Miscellaneous Factors

  • Champion Bloodline: If a dog belongs to a champion bloodline, meaning any of its predecessors (forefathers) were given the title of Champion in an official dog event, then its price can also go fairly high.
  • Microchip: The price of a dog can also increase if it has been microchipped by the KCI. The extremely small pet microchip helps in providing a permanent ID for your pet.

Read some information regarding St. Bernard and see if it’s a right fit for you or not-

This humungous breed is extremely kind and good-natured. These dogs might appear intimidating to some people because of their size, but they are one of the friendliest canines out there. They hail from Switzerland and came into existence a very long time ago (around 980 A.D.). They are enormously popular in the European and North American countries for quite some time, but, now their demand in other parts of the world is also gradually increasing. The section below will help you in deciding whether this breed is good for you or not.

Reasons that might make a St. Bernard suitable for you:

  • Considering their size, the St. Bernards will do fairly well in an apartment, provided they are receiving the required amount of exercise.
  • They are extremely affable and friendly towards most people including the strangers, other pooches, cats and obviously their housemates.
  • These canines are also very kind and gentle with small kids.
  • They possess a decent level of intelligence and their watchdog ability is quite good too, hence they are considered competent guard dogs.
  • Their exercise requirements are not that high.

Reasons that might make a St. Bernard ill-suited for you:

  • This breed is not meant for places that are known to have very hot weather conditions. They require a lot of extra care from their parents, especially in tropical areas.
  • The general health of these canines is okay at best. And because of their large size, they face quite a few health issues during their lifetime.
  • This breed is not highly recommended to first-time dog parents or inexperienced dog parents because these dogs can be, sometimes, difficult to handle and they require a good amount of maintenance and grooming from their parents. So, it might be a little exhausting for new and unfamiliar dog parents.